Malakai's Path

I sat in the corner of the Halfmoon Inn near the front window. The Seven Pillared Hall was dreary as ever, and I was burning with annoyance over the halfling server who kept bothering with stories of his heroic friends. Despite my discomfort, I kept my attention on a conversation to my right. I’d found her, Sona Summergale, the deceitful little bitch princess and soon-to-be bride of my employer. From what I could make out, her ragtag group of friends, or kidnappers…or whoever they were, all knew that the Brigade was close and that music bitch was in trouble.

Damn. They are paranoid somethin’ fierce. I’m not going to get out of here without them suspecting something. These damn adventurer types, always listenin’ or lookin’ or perceivin’ this and that. Annoyance, yes, let’s go with that. What the ‘fell? Why don’t they just sit down at my gods damned table?

I stood abruptly, and feigning annoyance, pushed past Sona and her entourage on my way out, grumbling about the service and the disrespectful party invading my space. I threw open the doors of the Halfmoon Inn and stormed out.

Yeah that was good, oh ‘fell! Horses, nice! Don’t mind if I do.

I quickly untied the closest horse and noticed that the both of them looked to have been ridden hard, and recently. “You’ll have to do buddy, let’s go.” I said, glancing back to the Inn and catching the looks of a huge bald woman and her goblin slave.

This better not be her horse. Was it her horse? Damnit. Wait no, she showed up with the group on foot, Sona’s group. Right. Just nod and go.

I nodded to the strange looking woman but she had to speak. “Where are you going so fast?” She asked.

Really? She knows? No, she can’t know. I mean, she doesn’t even look that smart, barely more so than her slave. Keep going.

“Anywhere but here, the pressure is too much. The, rocks, I’m leaving.” I replied.

The bald woman called out again as I mounted up, kicked my new horse and began to trot my way out of the Hall ignoring her. To my left, a heavily armored drow woman ran around the corner of a building yelling.

YOUR WEAPON! Wait, no, she’s not coming at me. Distraction, nice. She is yelling about skeletons? Yeah, time to pick up the pace.

I kicked my horse into a run and fled the Hall.

When I came upon Berend, Lythannis and their wraith friend the next morning, I almost revealed myself until I realized that they were talking to Sona’s group.

Oh ‘fell. They got her! Damnit! Wait, why aren’t they taking her into their…are they negotiating? Two Sonas…clever. Why didn’t I think of that? No, the thought of being married to Aramil disgusts me, I’m not playin’ that part. Twist this Malakai, twist it…

Sell them out, get back to the Brigade, NOW!

I jumped back on my horse and sprinted off to the west.

Aramil has promised me the 10,000 gold and a spot in his elite guard. I can almost taste the shine when I see the three traitors entering the encampment with their false prize to the Eladrin. I trail the escort in the guise of a sickly yellowed man with a wheeze and look on.

The succulence of a double cross on a double cross, my personal favorite flavor. Ah, Berend get’s an execution for his troubles. Nice. Lythannis and the wraith get a luxury ride back to Silverymoon in a prison cart for their judgement. That’s okay. Now for the finale! Oh she looks shocked! “How could this happen? It doesn’t make sense, my dreams of playing a princess have been shattered!”

Wait what? Just kill her. Oh for ’fell’s sake, kill the changeling Aramil! Really!? Okay, she’s good. Played that off pretty well. Whatever.

I couldn’t help but give her a chuckle as she was led to her “Noble Cart.” I wanted her to see who I was, even if she didn’t catch it, which of course she wouldn’t, because I’m that good.

I was given the order to find the others, and lead the brigade to the real Sona. No problem.

As the Silverymoon Brigade began to pack up, I headed back the way I came, this time on a healthy horse. My new horse. I kept to the north side of the road, attempting to stay mostly out of sight as I watched for them. I planned to return to where I saw them last and track them from there, so you can imagine my surprise when I encountered them very near to the Silverymoon encampment. I almost fell on top of them actually, as they were also avoiding the road. They didn’t see me, but I had to put my new horse down, to make sure it didn’t give me away with it’s incessant movement.

I raced back to the encampment, now on the move. I made my way to the general to tell him that they headed west through the woods heading back towards Arabel. They turned the parade and moved back towards the same.

I followed Sona’s group to the edge of Arabel, into a graveyard dotted with tombs and mausoleums. They broke into one of the tombs and the whole group went inside.

Ah, the Tomb of the Tiefling Princess. A secret hideout? Are they based in Arabel? Are they going for the magic doors? I wonder. Back to the brigade.

I entered the tomb under torchlight at Aramil’s request, to find out what they were up to. The tomb is very short, so they couldn’t be too hard to find…

“Where the ’fell did they go?” I whispered to myself as I stared down the magically sealed doors.

I heard the sound of raised voices, two men yelling at each other, and the sound of something, many things, wooden things, being jostled about. It reminds me of the ball pit at the Lex Broadbarn Fair.

What the ’fell?

It took me a while to figure out where the sound was coming from because I had to get over my own disbelief. They were on the other side of the magically sealed doors. “How? No one has ever gotten through them!” I exclaimed in frustration.

I looked down to see someone staring up at me. The remains of someone anyways. What secrets did he hold, I wonder. My deathly gate keeper.

This better not be a wild magic zone or something!

The doors crack open.

Oh ’fell! Think, fast! Old man! Wizardly! Like that old hermit who lived out in Anauroch! Befuddled! Go!

“Oh! How amazing! The doors are opened!” I said as I looked on in bewilderment, trying to see what they were hiding in there.

Just talk, get inside that room.

I tried my best to get into that damned room. That damned tomb. They wouldn’t have any of it. The only clue I got was that it had to be bright to figure out how to open them. I made a point to come back and get them open. I’d bring a bunch of sunrods and put myself to the task, after I got that Silverymoon money of course. I followed the group of adventurers out of the tomb. I couldn’t wait for the big reveal!

Damned undead tieflings… Ah, there it is! You got caught adventurers! Too bad! Time to turn yourselves in and hand over the real Sona. Money, money, money!

This goblin stinks.

Oh, this is going to get bad. I hate when everything devolves into combat…

Grab your dagger!

You suck with your dagger!

They are so stubborn! Kill them all! Just kill th…

FELL! I’m stuck back here!



NO! You stupid little green bastard! Don’t unlock those doors!

“I surrender! I’m done!” I yelled out.

Oh ‘fell. Skeletal tieflings don’t care.

Malakai's Path

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