"They are nothing without their toys."


Human – Mage of Saruun

Black of hair, a scowling, sinister look. He still wears the robes of the Saruun.


Brother to Shalimar the rogue, secret follower of Cyric and Mage of Saruun.

Paldemar, tired of answering to the Mages of the Seven Pillared Hall was always looking to wield power beyond what the Saruun could offer him. He was approached by the succubus Varyl, the Nightbringer about realigning all of the Bronze Warders within the labyrinth to their cause, which would effectively destroy the Mages of Saruun once and for all. Once they had fulfilled Paldemar’s goal, they would be placed under the command of the Shadovar of the Shade Enclave and Paldemar would be inducted as one of them under Shar.

During the final moments of his ritual, the heroes Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis, Modreg and the Maven were able to stop his enigmas and managed to kill the mage.


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