Owena Bilger-Laress

"We must all follow our own paths."


In her youth she had beautiful wavy brown hair and shining hazel eyes. Her hair has now turned to grey, but her eyes have lost none of their sparkle for life.


A human girl raised on the farmlands near the village of Evereth at the edge of Evereska and Netheril. When she was seven years old, she met Trysta Riversong, who saved her from a pack of wolves. Despite their vast age differences, the two became fast friends, and Trysta stayed on the farmlands teaching the young girl archery and defense. The two friends shared many adventures near Evereth.

The girl had a seemingly unnatural ability with a bow for a human. Rivaling even the most practiced elves of Faerun. Trysta thought it as if every arrow she fired was somehow imbued with unfailing luck.

When Owena turned sixteen, she married a longtime friend and fellow farmer, Berun Laress whom she had fallen in love with. Try as they may though, Owena could not bare them a child.

When Trysta returned to the village with the infant Drow Megilwath, the two took him in and loved him as their own despite his heritage. They would protect him and raise him as a goodly person, just as Trysta had requested.

Owena Bilger-Laress

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