Megilwath Laress


Megilwath the Drow was liberated from Menzoberanzan shortly after birth and delivered by Trysta Riversong to the human girl she spent time with when the girl was only seven years old. Owena Bilger, at the age of 18, wedded to Berun Laress and taking his family name, gladly took in the young drow at Trysta’s request.

He has a simple view of the moral world: be polite and modest, and take an eye for an eye when called for. Being Drow wasn’t a problem growing up except when travelers came through, when he would simply be told to hide in the barn.

One day the local army came through Evereth to conscript the able-bodied of the community in their effort to fight back the Shadovar from Netheril. Knowing he would be killed rather than recruited, he would avoid such a thing simply by hiding (easily enough done when magical darkness follows you anywhere).

Through the conscription of the village, he lost much of the community that protected him from outsiders to that point. Knowing that prejudice was sure to catch him unawares sooner or later, he accompanied Trysta Riversong and her cougar companion Altaira north into the dark lands of the ancient Netherese. Together, the three made hit and run assaults upon the magically corrupted Shadovar, pushing them back from the lands of Evereska. During this time, through extensive training with Trysta, Megilwath honed his skill with weapons and gained a better understanding on how to use his heritage to protect himself. After a year of adventure with his adopted fair skinned aunt in the dark lands, they received word that Megilwath’s father had passed away, and returned to Evereth to be with his mother.

When Trysta returned later seeking help for Mentathenis Starfeon and his friends in Winterhaven, he invited his friends Krushi and Aces to accompany him to the village.

Megilwath Laress

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