"I've killed dragons buddy. Get out of my bar."


Dark brown hair, green eyes.


Jenn Is a bartender at the Tiefling Princess. She is a brash loudmouth, from the prime of IO. She is always talking about herself as a seasoned adventurer and dragonslayer in days gone by, claiming to have killed at least two singlehandedly and keeps a red and a white dragon scale on her necklace as trophy.

She complains about being rusty and soft, loosing her edge and focus. Even her sword “The Wyrmslayer” has given up trying to guide her. She has been caged for 15 years, and has ever since, been looking for a way home. She knows the portal’s location, but has near given up hope in ever discovering the gate key.

She worries about loosing her job at The Princess and fears for Ter’lin’s quickly deteriorating health.

Jenn has however, heard through her contacts about a portal that could possibly return her friend’s Aces and Ree’vr to their sandy world.

When Aces won the deed to the Tiefling Princess in the game against Fait, and Ter’lin decided to retire, she transferred it into Jenn’s custody.


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