Berun Laress

"When adventure comes calling, will you answer?"


Was a handsome lad in his youth. As he grew older he liked to display a bushy brown beard, though by the time he passed away, it had turned grey.


A human boy raised on the farmlands near the village of Evereth the edge of the Anauroch Desert. He fell in love with Owena Bilger and married her when he was seventeen. Their marriage was a good one and even when Owena was found to be barren, he loved her still.

When Trysta Riversong returned to the village with the infant Drow Megilwath, the two took him in and loved him as their own despite his heritage. They would protect him and raise him as a goodly person, just as Trysta had requested.

Berun died at the age of 78 while tending to his crops, leaving Owena a widow.

Berun Laress

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