Athena Nom

“May the light of Selûne keep the shadows at bay."


Human – Cleric

Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion.


As it is said Eilora Nom was barren and in her desperation to bear a child, she begged of the goddess Selûne to allow her to conceive a single daughter. If granted, in return, her mother vowed that the child be dedicated to serving in the Clerical order of the goddesses name. So Athena was born, and at the young age of five she was handed over to the temple to begin her service.

After 15 years of study and learning to harness the divine power of Selûne at the temple, Athena’s village fell under attack by a band of Ogres. Many townspeople were slain including Athena’s mother. As the Ogres made their way towards the temple, Athena asked for the strength to defend the village. Athena was infused with holy light and set out to defeat the attackers of Glendoe. When the beasts had been slain, Athena swore to spread the light of Selûne beyond the walls of the temple — to both lands, near and far.

She is good friends with Mentathenis Starfeon and Droggle Redaxe. When a call for help came to Baldur’s Gate from the village of Winterhaven, she was appointed by her clerical order to investigate rumors of a death Cult run by Kalarel. She invited her two best friends to help.

Once having put an end to the cult and Kalarel himself, she returned to Baldur’s Gate with Droggle and Splug.

Athena Nom

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