House Solivan

Cassi Solivan – A large woman with a heart of gold and a penchant for having children who she nurtures to become great adventurers. Because of her children’s treasure acquisitions, she is very wealthy and maintains a large household. It is unclear how many children she has, but there are at least seven who are known.

Ehd Solivan

Garren Solivan – Hulking 16 year old boy trained in fighting. He has a face for punching and a disagreeable attitude towards, mostly everything. Never gets along with his older brother Ehd when he visits and thinks him a pansy for his choices in battle tactics.

Mana Solivan – A beaming 14 year old girl with white hair, flowing white robes and a set of beautiful golden pauldrons. She is a cleric of Sune and is always pleased to see her older brother when he visits the family.

Eve Solivan – A mysterious, pale skinned, raven haired 12 year old girl. She is a mute, and has uncanny ability with a set of daggers. She is so skilled in the art of deception and stealth that it’s sometimes hard to keep tabs on where she is at any given time. Her mother brags that she is the best assassin the Solivan family has ever had.

Brandis Solivan – A wizardly 10 year old boy with a silly frayed pointed hat and blue robes. He can usually be found talking about magic or has his nose buried in a book of such. A nice kid, but terrible conversationalist on subjects other than the arcane.

Perry “Peggy” Solivan – A dirty little 8 year old boy trained in the ways of the bard. When he was 6, while adventuring with Garren, Mana, Eve and Brandis he got his right leg eaten by a rabid Jackelobe. He was forced to give up adventuring to help his mother with maintaining the Solivan grounds.

Oopse Solivan – A mean spirited 2 year old. Will most likely take after his older brother Garren in personality.

House Solivan

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