Camp at the Edge of Darkness

Undi slept at the makeshift camp they had set up the night before, after emerging from the cave system near Tilverton. Trysta sat nearby keeping watch while the half-drow gathered her energy to heal the three unconscious males. Lex, Gorgik and the prickly high elf Kallorel, were still badly wounded from the scuffle with the orc shaman and his skeleton lackeys.

As Trysta tended to the campfire the flames licked about and spilled warm light across Undi, that for just a moment, almost made her look like a fair skinned surface elf. Trysta paused and rubbed her eyes, trying to dispel the interference the fire was causing to her infra-vision. She sat back from the flames and her gaze stayed on the drow elf, studying her for a long while.

Many thoughts swam through Trysta’s head that night. She was so torn about this elf’s heritage, and yet, in the soft warm light of the flame, she was able to see past her dark skinned features and actually feel warmth towards the woman. In fact, if not for the tone of her skin, she would be considered quite beautiful by any race. Well, perhaps not the dwarves, Trysta smiled to herself, Undi wasn’t hairy enough.

She wondered again about how such a creature, that went against everything her kind represented among the surface world could possibly exist. Where did she come from? Was she a test sent by Mielikki to assess Trysta’s resolve towards being a Ranger? Or was she a key? Trysta stopped and pondered that thought for a moment. Perhaps this dark elf, who against all odds, was now becoming a trusted friend to Trysta; could be of great assistance when infiltrating the drow society for answers regarding her clan’s extermination…

She glanced at Lex, who was shivering a bit having rolled out of his blanket away from the fire. She stood and walked over to the Halfling, picked him up, brought him back to his blanket and wrapped him tightly in it. She then laid a hand over his head to make sure he was not developing a sickness.

When she was sure that the little Rogue wouldn’t sneak his way out of his bedding and roll away again. She returned to her own bedding, laid back, and stared up at the stars shining brightly through the trees overhead.

After a short while of pondering her path under the heavens, she heard a low, purr-like growl just at the edge of the camp. Trysta rolled to her side in the direction of the sound and through the flames, she could see a fairly large golden cougar laying on it’s belly facing the campfire, finishing up a yawn.

The cat stared at Trysta and she stared back. The mighty beast cocked it’s head to one side almost as if it was asking Trysta a silent question. Trysta didn’t know how long the strange animal was sitting there or why it was watching her so intently. They held each others gazes for a few minutes in silent conversation and contemplation, Then, a few moments later, the cat stood, stretched itself out, and turned, making its way back into the woods and into the darkness beyond.

Trysta lay there unmoving, squinting at the line of trees into the darkness attempting to catch another glimpse of the great cat…

Camp at the Edge of Darkness

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