Baldur's Gate

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Baldur’s Gate is a metropolis and city-state on the Sword Coast and Western Heartlands blend, on the north bank of the river Chionthar about twenty miles east from its mouth on the Sea of Swords. It is to the south of the great city-state of Waterdeep and to the north of the country of Amn, and is located along the well-travelled Coast Way road. A person from Baldur’s Gate is known as a Baldurian.

This wealthy port metropolis, and according to many accounts its population has supersceded that of Waterdeep, is an important merchant city on the Sword Coast. Its strong watch and the presence of the powerful Flaming Fists mercenary company keep the city generally peaceful and safe.

Baldur’s Gate has grown immensely over the past century. During the times of Abdel Adrian and the Dark Alliance, Baldur’s Gate was a gigantic city confined inside of a Gate built by the traveler Balduran. This gate is known throughout the Western Heartlands and the Sword Coast as the Black Dragon Gate. However, after the Spellplague, not only did Baldur’s Gate’s population triple, but its area quadrupled. Inside the Black Dragon Gate, Baldur’s Gate was divided into three districts: Bloomridge, the Twin Songs and the Wide. The Outskirts, which extend for miles North, South, East and West of Baldur’s Gate, are divided into two districts: the Slums and the Wide. The Wide, which is a market extends into both the Outskirts and inside the Black Dragon Gate.

Baldur's Gate

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