Wraith Blade, One Shard +1

weapon (melee)

Wraith blade one shard 1


Basics of the Blade:

The Wraith Blade can store a maximum number of soul charges equal to it’s item level. (5)

Using a daily power feature of the Wraith Blade expends a number of soul charges as noted by the daily power.

When the Wraith Blade is depleted of all it’s soul charges, it shifts into the Shadowfell and will no longer do any damage with any ability other than Soul Rip.

The Wraith Blade can not be used as a thrown weapon.

The Wraith Blade can not be removed from a character unless they are completely dead.


Each time the blade is called upon to use a daily power, it gains one corruption point against it’s wielder’s Will defense.

Roll an attack vs. Will. if successful, the blade dominates the character’s actions, relentlessly using Soul Rip against the closest friend or foe to the wielder for 1 round per each point of corruption.

When the blades corruption points total the wielder’s Will defense, the character succumbs to the full will of the blade, shifting his or her alignment to evil and no longer recognize friend from foe. The character is for all intents and purposes lost. He or she continues to hunt the remaining shards of the blade using any means possible.

It Never Sleeps:

If the Wraith Blade fails to consume at least one soul each encounter, it consumes a healing surge from the character who wields it. If there are no healing surges available, it consumes hit points equal to the character’s healing surge.

Evil Begets Evil:

If the wraith blade has no wielder it draws all evil aligned creatures to it. Less intelligent beings swarm the carrier of the blade in attempt to vanquish it for themselves by any means possible.


Wraith Blade, One Shard +1

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