Varyl, The Nightbringer

"The Nightbringer are eternal!"


Succubus – Nightbringer

Scantily clad, with a body to die for. She holds that reputation well.


Serenity, the daughter of a wealthy family of Tilverton, was abducted when the Shadovar destroyed the city. She was taken to Shade Enclave and ritualistically possessed and transformed into a Nightbringer succubus, becoming Varyl.

Now, as one of Shar’s many avatars, she is tasked with ensuring the Shadovar’s return to their rightful rule of Faerun. Spreading the dark teachings of Shar upon all it’s inhabitants. She was chosen as pet by the Balor Pyraxis.

Recently, she has been overseeing the Mage Paldemar’s ritual within the Tower of Mysteries of the Thunderspire Labyrinth. When completed, it will add hundreds of the ancient and powerful Bronze Warder minotaur constructs to the armies of Shade.

During the final moments of the ritual, Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis, Modreg and the Maven stormed the third floor of the tower and put a stop to it’s completion, killing the Succubus in the process.

Varyl, The Nightbringer

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