“No! Do not take away my pretty trinkets!”


Wererat – Outcast

Grey fur, and a pink tail.


Born afflicted with Lycanthropy. His mother abandoned him in the sewers of Winterhaven to fend for himself.

He is fond of collecting trinkets and other oddities that find their way down the drains, sometimes even interesting people.

He is good natured, but extremely protective of his belongings.

When the Maven of Strings escaped the adventurers, she wandered into the sewer and was caught by the wererat. Who then made her perform musical numbers all night while he danced and cooked up some snake stew. When Aces, Mentathenis, Krushi and Megilwath came after the Maven, twitch wouldn’t let her go without a good trade.

When the dracolich Aurgloroasa attacked Winterhaven in her search for the adventurers who disrupted the ritual to release Shadraxil, many of the townsfolk fled into the sewers to hide. Twitch was at first afraid the intruders where there to steal his trinkets, but became instrumental in providing food and care for many of the injured. In thanks, the wererat was invited by Sister Linora to leave the sewers to live among the people of Winterhaven. As the new lord of the town, she appointed him as an honored guard.

When the bounty hunters Cliff, Ehd and Sam galloped up to Winterhaven on their horses, the wererat in his human guise greeted them and asked what their business was. Sam told him that she was looking for her sister, Sona Summergale or the Maven of Strings. The wererat didn’t get to answer before Cliff, seeing through the lycanthrope leaped off his horse and laid Twitch out in a single punch.


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