Sona Summergale

"All I ever wanted was to play music."


Elf – Bard

Reddish hair with brilliant green eyes.


“The Maven of Strings” A mysterious, plucky, excitable and beautiful elven girl, she wanders from city to village playing her music at taverns and inns where appreciated.

She was set to marry an Eladrin by the name of Aramil Lantherval by her father in the city of Silverymoon. She fled into hiding and became a traveling musician. She mistook Mentathenis Starfeon to be Aramil when she was playing at Salvana Wrafton’s Inn of Winterhaven.

In a panic, she performed the ritual, Lullaby to attempt to dull the senses of her false pursuers and make her escape. She ran into the sewers and was taken captive by Twitch the wererat. The next day the party made their way in to confront her, and after the mix up was sorted out she agreed to join them in their adventures, provided she be allowed to play at the inns they come across.

Despite the stories she grew up hearing about the evil of the drow, she immediately found herself attracted to the dark elf rogue Megilwath Laress.

She was temporarily put off when she witnessed Megilwath torture the duergar in the Chamber of Eyes, but her feelings for the man were reignited when he saved her from nearly falling to her death in the Horned Hold.

When they returned to the Hall after clearing out the Horned Hold, Sona took Megilwath’s hand and dragged him to the waterfall caves at the recommendation of Terrlen Darkseeker. There, amidst the beauty of bioluminescent mushrooms, crystals, and rippling water, the two elves were able to share some romantic alone time, despite being interrupted by an assassination attempt by Harwin and his henchmen.

Sona Summergale

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