Terrlen Darkseeker

"The labyrinth is a dangerous place, okay let's go."


Human – Dungeoneer

Brown hair and brown eyes. looks like he has seen his share of adventure.


A middle-aged man with a weathered face and a quiet disposition.

He is an avid explorer who leads caravans along the East Way. He also makes occasional forays into the Labyrinth and is a skilled guide.

He is renowned for his competence, and the people of the hall are quick to recommend his services.

Aces, Mentathenis, Krushi, Megilwath and the Maven hired him to guide them to the Horned Hold at Rendil’s recommendation. Along the way they discovered that he was afflicted with Lycanthropy through a curse that he may have picked up in a place called the House of Silence.

Terrlen continued to guide the party through the Labyrinth on to the Well of Demons. While in the well, when the goblin Modreg was being eaten by a hyena that Aces gave him as a pet, Terrlen attempted to save him by transforming into his werewolf form and killing the hyena. It was unfortunately too late to save the little goblin.

Feeling so bad about being unable to save Aces’ little friend, Terrlen secretly took one of Modreg’s ears. He returned to the Seven Pillared Hall with it and had the goblin raised from the dead with his own gold.

When his heroic friends went off in search of the Tower of Mysteries, Terrlen tagged along to map the way. Once discovering the secret tower, he set up camp and decided to explore the area while they were taking care of business inside. He made his way down a passageway and into an offshoot tunnel to discover a symbol upon the wall of the cave at a dead end. When he heard the party call down to him after their ordeal in the tower, he invited them down to have a look. He made a note of it on his map as being a possible portal to the city of Sigil.

Terrlen Darkseeker

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