Symernia, The Nightbringer

"This is for the best."


Succubus – Nightbringer

Reddish hair with black eyes.


Symernia was born into being as a Nightbringer inside Thultanthar, the city of Shade. She was a gift to Pyraxis from Shar for his services, and as replacement for his former pet, Varyl who was slain when she was overseeing the final stages of activating the Bronze Warders in the Thunder Peaks.

She accompanied Pyraxis to Iriaebor in search of the drow who carries the Wraith Blade. There, she encountered the heroes in a mansion and chased them into the sewer where Sona’s Necklace caused her to become weakened and allowed for the party to escape her grasp.

Symernia, The Nightbringer

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