"Chaos doesn't wait, nor do I!"


Human – Warlock

Dark Brown hair, pale blue eyes. She wears extravagant red robes that are slightly singed from fiery spells.


A tough bitter veteran of battles against gnolls and their demonic allies.

She will do anything she can to push back the encroaching tide of chaos. She uses the Seven Pillared Hall as a base camp from which to strike out against the monsters of the Underdark.

She splits her time between the Temple of Hidden Light and the pigeonhole she has claimed within the Hall.

When Krushi and Mentathenis were able to defeat her in a truel, she made them both her agents of gnoll slaying, and gave them directions to the three entrances of the Well of Demons and asked that they bring back as many gnoll tails as possible.

When the heroes returned to the Seven Pilared Hall after finding the Wraith Blade, Surina was drawn in by it’s power, even while the thing was inside of Aces’ bag of holding. They changed the subject to their adventure in the Well of Demons, and told her that they had forgotten to gather any of the tails that Surina had asked for, though they did bring her the head of Maldrick Scarmaker, which pleased her despite. She gave them a reward in gold, and ran back to her pigeon hole to have the head to herself.

When Megilwath hesitated to take the Wraith Blade into his hand, it began calling all evil to it within the Seven Pillared Hall, Surina was one of many who tried to take the blade for herself, but was knocked unconscious by the heroes.


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