Sir Jarold Keegan

“I could not save my family, I could not save myself. I am past redemption.”


Skeleton – Fallen Knight

A knight in shining armor who is otherwise, dead.


Former commander of Shadowfell Keep.

Driven mad by the whispers of Shadraxil, he slew his wife and children, and many of his own men. He fled into the bowels of the keep to hide.

Overcome with remorse, he lay within a secret tomb and drank a vial of poison. His spirit awaited a champion to redeem his memory and complete his mission.

Athena, Mentathenis, Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Droggle and Splug helped him to defeat Kalarel and prevent Shadraxil from emerging into the mortal plane once more.

Sir Jarold Keegan

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