“The night is my ally.”


Human – Rogue

Black hair, dark green eyes. Always wearing a dark cloak.


A Human Rogue, brother of the mage Paldemar and lover of the elven woman Ninaran. An agent of Augloroasa, the Sibilant Shade he was tasked with watching over Kalarel and his ritual to release the dracolich’s grandfather Shadraxil from the Shadowfell. He worked out of Winterhaven deterring travelers and adventurers from discovering and interfering with Kalarel’s plans. He joined up with Athena Nom, Droggle Redaxe and Mentathenis Starfeon feigning friendship, and turned on them after a fight with Goblins inside Shadowfell Keep. Athena, Droggle and Mentathenis managed to defeat him, and left him for dead on the first floor of the keep. When they passed by the same area later, his body was missing from where it lay. Shalimar had feigned death until the three had moved on.

The rogue came across his lover, Ninaran’s body in the graveyard of Winterhaven and brought her death to the attention of the townsfolk, attempting to frame the heroes for her murder. He left his lover’s body in their care. After grieving and swearing revenge for her death, he returned to Shadowfell Keep to go after the heroes, and found that the entire ruin had collapsed on itself and fell into a deep crater. He headed west towards the Thunder Peaks.

Upon returning to his mistress Aurgloroasa’s lair within Thunderholme, he informed her that Ninaran was killed and described those who were responsible. She made her way through the labyrinth towards Winterhaven to find the heroes and destroy them.

He made his way to his brother Paldemar’s base of operations within the labyrinth, The Tower of Mysteries to help him finish building the arcane device that would take control of all the Bronze Warders in the mountain.

When the heroes Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis, Modreg and the Maven infiltrated the tower to stop the ritual, he was killed protecting his brother.


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