"Who will challenge Rundarr, Duergar Champion?"


A aged and hearty duergar, hardened by many fights.

His beard is slightly greying.


Manages the southern fortress of the Horned Hold, keeping watch over the kitchen thralls and ensuring his soldiers stay alert.

When Murkelmor decided to withdrawl from the Labyrinth due to it being stormed by the adventurers Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and The Maven, he placed Rundarr in charge of attempting to secure the Horned Hold.

Despite the approaching danger of the party, this was a positive change in Rundarr’s relegated affairs of watching over the kitchen staff. He was excited to see combat after so long, to rekindle his days of being champion of duergar in their pit fights.

Rundarr was rusty after so long though, and agreed to surrender after a great fight with Aces.


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