"Life fails in the dark."


Elf – Archer

Black hair, hazel eyes. Wears light armor.


An agent of Aurgloroasa, the Sibilant Shade and lover to Shalimar the human rogue, was sent to infiltrate the town of Winterhaven and deter adventurers from discovering the secrets of the Keep. Stiff and bitter, she always drank alone at Salvana Wrafton’s Inn. She was killed in the Winterhaven Graveyard while overseeing a raise dead ritual, by Athena, Mentathenis, Aces, Krushi and Megilwath.

Shalimar found her body in the mausoleum and alerted the Winterhaven authority, pinning the blame on the adventurers Athena, Droggle and Mentathenis.


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