"Choke on your final breath!"


Shadow Dragon

Shadowy and spikey.


A young Shadow Dragon. The apprentice and servant of Aurgloroasa, the Sibilant Shade. When the great dracolich discovered the curious youngling sneaking around the Thunder Peaks, she saw something of her former self in the dragon, and instead of killing her outright, she brought her under her wing to learn.

Myst is tasked with watching over the area of the Thunder Peaks outside of Thunderholme, including the Thunderspire Labyrinth and the Seven Pillared Hall.

When the heroes Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and the Maven made their way through the proving grounds of the Well of Demons, she was summoned up and attempted to put an end to their meddling. The young shadow dragon was outmatched however, and knowing this, she fled back into her lair, to heal.

With Aurgloroasa gone, heading towards the Sword Coast, Myst decided to accompany the agents of Shar in their ritual to realign the Bronze Warders in The Tower of Mysteries. She knew that being present in the tower would be her best bet to face the powerful heroes again, and this time she had a better plan.

When the party finally arrived on the third floor of the tower, the shadow dragon betrayed the other evil denizens of the Shadovar to help them. She then offered up a proposition, promising a cut of her master Aurgloroasa’s treasure once she was dead at their hands. She handed them a black stone, and told them that when they were about to make the killing blow on the dracolich, they speak into the stone and she would crush her phylactery, ensuring her a true death.


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