Krushi Thymebundle


A Halfling Sorcerer, comes from the wealthy Thymebundle family of Evereth. She is sibling to 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Their names are Dasho, Hasho, Gisho, Prudi and Mushi. She seeks adventure and exhilaration and is close friends with Megilwath and Aces.

Krushi was born during a thunderstorm, in a carriage on the road.  Her mother was traveling home from a social event.  The carriage was struck by lightning while Krushi was emerging from the womb.  None of her family members have magic powers, though they knew she did from very early on.  Part of the reason her brothers are so dedicated to placating Krushi is that as an infant, when she was unhappy, she would send a shock to anyone who touched her— not enough to kill, but she did knock out a nursemaid for a few hours.  Her mother could withstand the shock but only by the benefit of maternal hormones granting her super-human stamina. Soon, the household had Krushi’s temper under control, and served her needs with anticipation.  Krushi, herself, was unaware of this for most of her life, but always felt a bit off, because she had this energy surging around in her, but she didn’t know what it was, and figured that the other folks alienating her a bit was due to her family’s status and wealth.  It wasn’t until she was showing off to Gil in the privacy of a meeting outside of town that he told her what it could be.  She confronted her next-oldest brother about it, to whom she is closest, and he reluctantly told her that, ever since he was a baby, he was carefully instructed not to upset or anger her.  She could have killed him, herself a newborn and him a toddler (there is just a 2 year age gap), if she had shocked him like she had the nursemaid, so her parents took great care that the sons were all safe, and that Krushi was always content.  Shortly after she was told about this (about two months), Trysta Riversong showed up in Evereth seeking help from her adopted nephew Megilwath, Krushi decided to accompany he and Aces to the village of Winterhaven.

The first night out with Gil and Aces, on their way to that first adventure, sleeping in her own tent, alone is one of her fondest memories. She had no experience with that kind of unadulterated freedom.  It was the birth of liberty for her.  It was also the first time she had been hungry, because no one was there to make sure she was eating.

Krushi Thymebundle

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