Harwin the Deceiver

"I am one, I am many."


Doppleganger – Spy

Pasty white skin and white hair. As Harwin the merchant He had brown hair tied behind his head, with a cleanly shaped goatee. Brown eyes.


A doppleganger working as a spy within the Seven Pillared Hall for the Grimmerzhul Duergar of the Horned Hold. He murdered and took the identity of a simple merchant named Harwin.

He usually spent time at the Halfmoon Inn when at the Seven Pillared Hall.

When Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis, and The Maven infiltrated the Horned Hold, he was seen fleeing into Murkelmor’s chamber, and was struck by a thrown dagger by Megilwath. He then alerted the duergar of the danger and retook the guise of Harwin to blend in with the slaves. When the adventurers released the villagers, he offered to lead them all back to the Hall and got away.

Upon his return to the Hall, he alerted the duergar of the Grimmerzhul trading post to abandon their shop and return to the Underdark at Murkelmor’s command.

Later, when he noticed Megilwath and The Maven of Strings leaving the Halfmoon Inn without their other friends, he gathered two of his lackeys and followed them to the falls. He revealed his true self and he and his men attacked the two elves, interrupting their romantic moment. Their assassination attempt was foiled however, and both Harwin and his men were killed by the two lovers.

Harwin the Deceiver

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