"Information will cost you, pay up or move on."


Drow – Merchant

White hair partially pulled back into a knot, red eyes. Wears fine quality clothing.


A self-exiled drow from Sschindrylryn. He bribed the Mages of Saruun to let him set up shop, and has been making a profit ever since.

He is sarcastic, takes humor at others’ expense and speaks condescendingly to anyone he perceives as inferior, which is almost everyone.

For those willing to tolerate him, he offers a boon of information and opportunities. the adventurers took him up on a few of his quests into the labyrinth to seek out relics. They were able to bring him a skull scepter, a bundle of kruthik carapace, and the tarnished silver crown of an insane dwarf.

When he noticed a small black spider above Megilwath, he flung a dagger severing it’s web, and killing it, causing it to fall upon the drow’s shoulder. Knowing this to be a bad sign, he immediately started packing his things to leave the Seven Pillared Hall.


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