Droggle Redaxe

“Im not fer fightin til I gets me some ale!”


Dwarf – Warrior

Red hair, red beard, dark green eyes.


A Dwarven Warrior, and friend of Athena Nom. He tends to follow her on her adventures, sometimes to fight beside her, but mostly to sample the world’s ale. He is stubborn and sturdy, but can’t be counted on when he is hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or in a bad mood.

When Athena was preparing to investigate a death cult in the area of Winterhaven, she asked Droggle to assist her, he agreed and was instrumental in taking down the evil sect. Once Winterhaven was safe again, he returned to Baldur’s Gate with Athena and his new goblin drinking buddy, Splug.

Droggle Redaxe

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