Delphina Moongem

“The wildflowers are particularly beautiful this season.”


Elf – Merchant

Light brown hair, green eyes. Usually adorned with fresh flowers.


Turned away from the forest and her elven roots to live an urban existence.

She can be found in the square of Winterhaven on Market Day selling wildflowers from her cart, which she collects north of the village.

She is pleasant, and happy to tell visitors about the small town.

Recently, while picking flowers, she was kidnapped by a group of hobgoblins known as the Bloodreavers. The adventurers heard her scream on their way back to Winterhaven from the destroyed Shadowfell Keep. They found her necklace and a few droplets of blood upon the ground in the middle of a wildflower meadow. Megilwath and Aces attempted to follow the tracks but lost them at a small river. They appeared to lead towards the Thunder Peaks.

She was rescued along with six other Winterhaven villagers by Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and The Maven when they stormed the Horned Hold.

Upon returning to Winterhaven, she and the other freed slaves found it in ruins. They were told that the dracolich Aurgloroasa, the Sibilant Shade attacked the village in search of the heroes. Being unable to stand the grief and loss of it’s townsfolk, she returned to the Seven Pillared Hall to take up a room at the Halfmoon Inn. A few days later when Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and the Maven noticed her return, they approached the woman at the bar. She told them the horrible news.

Delphina Moongem

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