Fanidea Tayunyrr

"Fight evil, with evil."


Drow – Cleric

A stunningly beautiful drow. White flowing hair, and eyes that appear to be any combination of blue to purple to red at any time.


A member of a secretive and unorthodox guild of drow mercenaries within Menzoberranzan. She made her way out of the underdark and into the Thunderspire Labyrinth in search of the rogue drow Megilwath whom her guild had assigned her to seek out. She came upon he and his friends in a large cavern while unknowingly rummaging through their camp. She warned him that a house by the name of Hun’viir was coming for him and that they were capable of sending large numbers in order to accomplish their goals. She begged that they show her to the Seven Pillared Hall where she could warn the townsfolk to evacuate, as the drow bands were no more than two days behind her.

Fanidea Tayunyrr

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