"What you be doing? Up to no good?"


Ogre – Brute

A typical Ogre. He may be slightly cleaner than most, as the residents of the Seven Pillared Hall prefer to have his natural stench kept to a minimum.


Leads the enforcers that work for the Mages of Saruun. In addition to keeping the peace, he keeps an eye out for new arrivals who might upset the delicate balance of affairs in the Hall.

He can usually be found at the Customhouse, relaxing as Rothar’s Taproom, causing trouble at the Halfmoon Inn, or patrolling the Hall.

Aces showed him more attention than he has ever gotten within the Hall. The ogre developed a crush on the large woman and never tired of listening to her stories of gladiatorial combat from another world. He even asked her to train him in the ways of arena fighting, though he isn’t a great learner.

When the heroes returned to the Seven Pilared Hall after finding the Wraith Blade, Brugg was drawn in by it’s power, even while the thing was inside of Aces’ bag of holding.

When Megilwath hesitated to take the Wraith Blade into his hand, it began calling all evil to it within the Seven Pillared Hall, Brugg was one of many who tried to take the blade for himself, but was knocked unconscious by the heroes.


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