Amber Targana

"Arabel isn't big enough for the both of us."


Human – Avenger

Flame red, unkempt hair. She is a toughened fighter.


The leader of The Dark Fall within Arabel.

When she found out that the trio of upstarts, Cliff, of Dawn’s Great Awakening, Ehd Solivan, and Sam Wainright were attempting to steal the dirty jobs that her guild had made it’s name for, she devised a plan to remove them. Knowing that the three had no idea who the leader of The Dark Fall was, she would pretend herself to have been kidnapped, and send someone to pose as her husband in order to hire the three to locate her and a missing necklace. She set up her trap in The Black Room Inn, the last standing structure in the Burnout block of the city. She used her best agents, Catja, the Catfolk rogue, Durval, the gnomish delver, Magrau, the human mage, and a brute by the name of Outrider, along with a group of thugs.

She had underestimated the three, and her death trap was overcome. Amber gave up the necklace and admitted The Dark Fall’s reign on Arabel’s underworld had ended. She was then taken as a prisoner, but was released the next morning when the hunters knocked her unconscious and left her in the rubble of Arabel.

Amber Targana

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