Akiah, Keeper of Secrets

"Mortals, what have you done?"


Angel – General of Amaunator

Glows with the celestial might of the heavens


Akiah, the Keeper of Secrets, one of six celestial guardians, is the watcher of the Soul Vault on the world of Toril. He was instrumental in putting together the team of angels who would guard the six shards of the Wraith Blade for eternity and made sure that no one but the six, not even Amaunator himself knew of their whereabouts.

When Megilwath fused with the Wraith Blade after removing it from the Soul Vault, Akiah was awakened and landed on Toril to stop the drow. The celestial met it’s end at the hands of Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and The Maven, when they couldn’t accept sacrificing a life in order to release the cursed blade.

Akiah, Keeper of Secrets

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