Aces is a Mul, a half-dwarf bred to serve in the gladiatorial arena. She became a Battlemind, fought her way to freedom, and resolved to spend her life helping others do the same.

She stands 6’6", weighs 330 lbs. In other words: she’s a brick house. She’s also Lawful Good, which manifests as concern for the well-being of everyone around her, which usually means trying to make sure that they’re well fed and not in bondage.

Aces is also a compulsive gambler, and will take bets on everything from the outcome of a fight to the speed of various animals. She never bets too much, she just likes the feeling of being in control, since so much money was often riding on her.

Through a magical accident, Aces fell through a rift into the City of Sigil. There she spent some time, trying to find her way home until at long last thinking she knew the way, went through another Portal into the world of Toril. There, she met Krushi and Megilwath near the village of Evereth.

When Trysta Riversong approached Megilwath about aiding his old friend Mentathenis Starfeon in Winterhaven, both Aces and Krushi tagged along.


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