Realm Runners

CHAPTER ONE: To the Call of Winterhaven

By her Clerical Order, Athena Nom, a Human Cleric of Selûne is asked to investigate rumors of a cult of darkness operating near the town of Winterhaven, possibly under the command of a Dark Priest Kalarel, which does not bode well for the village if true. She enlists her two friends Mentathenis Starfeon, the Eladrin Wizard, and Droggle Redaxe, the Dwarven Fighter for support and they begin their trek east from Baldur’s Gate for Winterhaven along the East Way.

After a few tenday, and nearing the outskirts of Winterhaven, they are besieged by a group of Kobolds. The three best their attackers and enter the village of Winterhaven to seek boarding and question the townsfolk. The people of Winterhaven are oddly standoffish when questioned about the area, among these is an elven woman named Ninaran who spends most of her nights at the local bar, drowning in alcohol, and the Lord of the village Padraig gives no easy information on the situation either. Upon finally receiving clues about a ruined Keep in the area, the Kobold nuisance, and a secret waterfall hideout, they set off the next day to rid the village of it’s rust scaled problem and delve deeper into the cult rumors.

Athena, Mentathenis, and Droggle make their way out of the village and are ambushed by another group of Kobolds seeking revenge for their fallen comrades. Things are looking grim until a Cougar jumps into the fray adding distraction just long enough to allow the three to finish off the rest of their enemies. After the battle, the Cougar disappears into the woods as quickly as it appeared. Searching the Kobolds hey find an obsidian figurine around one of their necks. It bears the mark of the Queen of Darkness, Shar.

Reaching the waterfall, they make quick work of the Kobold miners and guards outside and sneak behind the falling water to discover a lair. Inside, there are more Kobolds and a Goblin named Irontooth who seems to be running the show. The party narrowly manages to best the clan and takes down the Goblin leader to find in his belongings a message from Kalarel. The note hints at a spy buried within Winterhaven, and the dark priest rapidly nearing the completion of his evil plans…



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