Realm Runners


Throughout the night and into the next morning Megilwath is whispered to by the Blade. It warns him that if he does not take the blade into his hand it will find someone who will, and evil is easy to come by. He refuses and in effort keep the blade silent he offers up alternatives and attempts to strike a deal with it.

The heroes notice that Delphina Moongem has returned to the Seven Pillared Hall, and is now sitting at the Halfmoon Inn’s bar drinking ale, looking ragged and tired. They ask her how she is doing, and she tells them that Winterhaven was destroyed 5 days ago by the dracolich Aurgloroasa. Many of the townsfolk were killed, including Lord Ernest Padraig and Valthrun the Prescient. The survivors fled into the sewers and were offered food and aid by an unlikely friend in the form of Twitch the wererat. Delphina continues, and tells the party that the undead dragon was searching for them, and when no one would reveal your whereabouts, she went on a rampage and then returned to the Thunder Peaks. The party does their best to comfort the woman with a few pieces of gold and she returns to her ale.

Suddenly, Brugg smashes his way through the front doors of the Halfmoon Inn, roaring about the Wraith Blade, his eyes are glazed over and he seems to be in some sort of trance! Aces is quick to head him off and turn him about before he causes too much damage and tells Modreg to stay back. Mentathenis deducts that it’s probably caused by the shard and Megilwath confirms it, the blade still threatening him through whispers. Krushi decides it’s best to only subdue the Ogre as he is not himself and can not be accountable for his actions. Once outside the inn, the party lays into the brute as he swings wildly at Aces. Three more thugs of the hall, their eyes also glazed over, join the fray and attempt to oust the blade for themselves. Not long after, Brugg is knocked unconscious and Mentathenis and Krushi hear a familiar voice, Surina has begun attacking Aces from the other side. One of the thugs bashes Aces across the back of her head and for a second she blacks out and can hear a very unfamiliar sound, a sort of “whooshing”. She snaps back to reality and refocuses. Megilwath dances through the thugs slicing at them with his blades. The Maven, Mentathenis and Krushi launch their abilities from afar, finishing off the thugs and then turning their attention to Surina.

Another voice, this time of Orontar, also entranced by the Blade’s whispers, begins to attack Aces, launching Ice Serpents and Fire Balls in her direction. The party focuses on Surina, finally shutting her up and shutting her down. They all turn towards the Mage of Saruun. After a quick volley of attacks, Orontar is also knocked unconscious. Krushi and Mentathenis go through his stuff and find a Staff of Fiery Might +3.

The blade continues it’s calls, and Megilwath alerts the party that it isn’t over and that the only way to stop it, may be to wield it. They decide the best place to try it is near the seclusion of the waterfalls and drag Orontar along with them. As they do, they can hear more shouting coming closer.

When they reach the waterfalls, Aces and Megilwath move onto a small rocky area in the center of the water. The drow reaches into the Bag of Holding and grasps the blade’s hilt, it tells him to ask for it’s power and he shall receive it. He agrees to wield the blade and it tells him that what is coming may hurt a little.

Megilwath feels a burning within his chest and through his arm, at first he thinks it to be his heart, but soon realizes that it is rather his soul being sucked into the blade. Starting at the tip of the sword, the blade begins to disintegrate before his eyes. It continues up to it’s hilt until the sword has all but disappeared. Aces notices a bluish glow coming over the roofs of some of the buildings of the Hall. As it draws closer, they can see it to be the thousands of souls from the soul vault being returned to their keeper. The souls swarm Megilwath and begin to form a waving ethereal blade that extends from his hand. A group of thugs who were previously under the blade’s spell now awaken to find that they have no clue why they are at the falls. They are told by the party to leave the area and the four misfits oblige them.

Strange golden runes begin to appear in the air around Megilwath, slowly at first and then faster and faster, forming a slowly spinning ring. Mentathenis recognizes the runes to be of a celestial language. A pillar of light forms over the drow and extends into the rocky ceiling of the Hall. It grows in size until it becomes 5 feet wide. A golden runic circle begins to appear beneath him and when he looks up into the blinding light he can almost see the heavens and a fire ball heading straight towards him. He moves out of the pillar of light just as the ball of fire crashes into the ground causing a shock wave that blasts throughout the falls. As the heavenly fire begins to clear, an angelic figure rises from a crouch, drawing it’s fiery sword from thin air. The Wraith Blade tells Megilwath that the being is Akiah, the Keeper of Secrets, one of Amaunator’s angelic generals. They are here to kill him and he must destroy the celestial.

Akiah glances around the falls, once realizing they are not in a Soul Vault, speaks. “Mortals, what have you done? You have made a grave error in removing the shard from the vault. The powers you meddle with are beyond your control or understanding.” As Akiah moves towards Megilwath, sword burning in celestial light, Krushi steps between them and attempts to plea with the angel. She tries to explain that their actions were in interest of good and that Megilwath will not be killed unless the angel goes through she and her friends first. Akiah, unmoved by the halfling’s words, bursts into flame and flies up and over she and the drow to land behind him, beginning the assault.

Struggling with the idea of engaging in combat with a celestial, but fearing the loss of Megilwath at it’s hands, Aces, Krushi, Mentathenis and The Maven come to his defense. The Drow moves his way across the creeks and around the falls as he attacks and attempts to avoid being attacked by the guardian. Aces follows closely behind and having the least bit of concern for celestial beings, attacks Akiah relentlessly. The guardian tells the party “Your friend’s soul is now trapped within the wraith blade. The cleansing can only be completed through death, and it shall be done. Do not interfere.” Krushi thinks maybe if they let Akiah kill Megilwath and take the blade back, they can resurrect their friend afterwards. Akiah hears her say this and says “Once a soul is taken by the blade, it can not be returned to a body, but if you assist me in killing the wielder I will ensure you a place within the heavens.” Krushi and the others will have none of it, and decide they must put an end to the angel. After a harrowing battle, and with the burdened drow nearly being killed a couple times, Akiah is defeated. As the light within the celestial being begins to sputter and release it says “Unthinkable, you know not what you do mortals. Though there is but one way to reignite the blade and restore it to it’s true form, You must, reach…surface, drink, light.” and with that the being explodes in blinding light, throwing both Megilwath and Aces back a few yards.

When Megilwath asks the blade where the other five shards may be located, he can feel the blade pull about, searching in all directions, it responds “They are smarter than I thought, The other shards are not upon this world.”

Mentathenis wakes Orontar and the party speaks to the mage about Paldemar and his alliance with the gnolls of The Well of Demons. The Mage of Saruun informs the five heroes that if they were still interested in gaining the favor of his order, he asks that they bring the rogue mage to justice.

The party agrees and Terrlen and Modreg rejoin them. Aces lifts the silver key that they found on Maldrick Scarmaker from her tunic and it pulls gently forward, revealing the way to the Tower of Mysteries.



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