Realm Runners

CHAPTER TWO: Dungeons and Dragon's Bones

Athena, Droggle and Mentathenis meet a woman named Calli Staul while having drinks in Salvana Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven. She begs them to locate her husband Douvan Staul, who has been missing for a few days having gone to investigate a Dragon Burial site south west of the Village. They also meet up with a cloaked and mysterious fellow, a human Rogue by the name of Shalimar, who seems eager to lend them a hand in their affairs in the area.

The four make for the grave site, where they discover a Spectral Apparition of Kalarel overseeing a team excavating the site. Douvan Staul is tied up in the crater. They are attacked by two drakes guarding the area and a fight erupts, ending in the deaths of Agrid the Gnome, a henchmen of Kalarel and his team, along with the defeat of the Apparition.

They find a Cormyr Mirror and release Douvan from his bonds. After a short trip back to town, they head for the old Keep. The sky begins to grow dark and a thunder storm breaks out over head. As they descend into darkness, they find Goblins have taken over the keep as home…



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