Realm Runners

CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN: Shadow of the Shadovar

Malakai and the Brigade

As the group starts to climb out of the remains of the Tiefling Princess, Sona falls to her knees ad starts coughing up black goo, her face is pale and the color drains from her eyes. She starts to pass out and Megilwath catches her, Aces offers to carry her. They remove the discs from their alcoves and replace them into the ornate sarcophagus.

When the main doors are opened, there is an old man standing before them. He introduces himself as Malakai, and is curious and shocked to see the tombs doors ajar, Aces gets the sense that he is not being entirely truthful. He asks that they allow him entrance into the tomb and they recommend that he forget about it. They push past him and Mentathenis leaves him with the room well lit, to make sure he can’t see the music. Malakai, in defeat, follows the group out.

As they make their way out of the Tomb, Aces and Ehd notice a rattling of bones across the floor. Soon after the rest of the group also catch the bones skittering about. Aces runs ahead with Sona in her arms to stand guard and Ehd moves to help the rest get through the room safely. Three skeletal tieflings rise up behind them and shamble forward. They open the entrance doors and run through, closing them behind them and Modreg quickly locks up. They turn to find themselves surrounded by the Silverymoon Brigade.

Sam’s trip to the “Noble Cart”

Berend, Sam, and the mysterious cloaked figure walk swiftly along the East Way, headed west, towards Arabel. Lythannis, mounted atop his beautiful pegasus Celestine trots to their side and Berend’s two tracker pugs, Sparky and Radar are in tow. Berend and Lythannis tell Sam stories of their travel’s and their greatest hunts. Sam begins to respect the three friends on their trip back to the Brigade. As they approach, the guards fall into place, two move to escort the group to Aramil’s tent, a few others bow and take off their helms.

Aramil emerges from his tent to feign thanks to the three for bringing back his bride to be. He reveals that he knows all about their plan to pass a changeling off as Sona and orders Berend executed. The dwarf struggles to free himself but he can not get away from the eladrin soldiers. Aramil orders that Lythannis and the vampire be locked up so that the Summergale family and Silverymoon can decide their fates.

Sam, in Sona’s guise stands with her jaw open in shock of what just happened, but decides to keep up the act to see if she can pull the con through. She tells Aramil how vile she thinks he is and that she absolutely refuses to marry him. Aramil brushes it off as more changeling trickery but she continues and eventually convinces him to return her to her father. Aramil agrees and has her taken over to the noble cart. As Sam and her escorts walk away from Aramil they are passed by a sickly looking man with yellowed skin, before they are out of earshot Sam can over hear Aramil say “Malakai, find the others.”

Sam is secured inside the cart for their trip back to Silverymoon, she attempts to get her robe caught on in the doorjam, but soon realizes it to be magically locked. She sits back to think.

Sona’s Fall

Aramil confronts the party, threatening to kill the treacherous adventurers if they do not hand Sona over. He is displeased with her condition and blames them for her illness. Aces takes Sona’s head in her hand and threatens to crush it if the Silverymoon Brigade tries to attack. Tensions run high, and to add more, Krushi explodes a ball lightning in her hands causing the bridage to flinch back. Sona begs Aces to let her down, she wants no blood spilled on her account. More black drips from her pale lips, and she clutches her chest screaming out in pain.

Cliff glances at the sky to notice a sort of distortion just before a shadow is cast over Arabel. A huge, blackened floating city looms overhead, casting it’s darkness across the area. Everyone looks around trying to piece together what is happening. Demonic creatures begin to emerge from the shadow swarming the heroes and the Silverymoon Brigade alike. A huge three way battle ensues. Aces, Ehd, Megilwath, Mentathenis and Fanidea stay together protecting Sona. Krushi and Cliff work together to chase down the escaping Aramil. During the battle Modreg is narrowly missed my a swift dagger from Malakai. He turns to release the skeletal tieflings from the tomb on the deceitful man, and retreats behind Terrlen. The guide, angered that someone just tried to kill the his little green friend transforms into his large wolf form to protect him. The entrance to the tomb is shattered as he grows to full size, ripping at the betrayer.

The party watches as many of the Silverymoon brigade are sucked down into the shadow that they stand in, the remaining brigade forces quickly panic and begin to flee, rain starts to fall, a thunderstorm has come.

Dodging the Demonic creatures and the fleeing brigade, Krushi and Cliff catch up to Aramil and manage to bloody him. Just before they can make the killing blow, a huge Balor rises from the darkness in front of them in an explosion of shadow and flame. It’s lightning sword rips from the air and it’s fiery whip follows into existence. The whip is spun around Aramil setting him on fire and pulling him towards the huge creature. Krushi and Cliff look on as the eladrin is brought to his knees in pain. Before the balor can raise his lightning sword to make the killing blow, Krushi explodes the Eladrin in a mess of liquified bone and flesh. Her hair crackles with light as Cliff tells her they should retreat back to the group. The balor takes out a group of Silverymoon when they dare to wander too close to it, it walks after the Halfling and Shifter.

A small demonic creature rushes up on Aces and knocks Sona out of her arms, causing the sickly woman to fall to the ground. Megilwath struggles to get to her but is not fast enough. His beloved Sona is pushed into the shadow by a second demon. He falls to his knees in rage.

The balor yells out, rumbling the ground “Pyraxis rules you! Return to Shade, the spreaders will handle the rest!”

One by one the demons melt back into the shadow of the floating city. The balor gives out a sinister laugh as he announces “The time of the Shadovar has come, the darkening of this planet has begun, all shall bow to Shar!” and he follows his minions into the shadow.

A Shadow Spreader and five of Aurgloroasa’s dwarven skeletons rise from the black to raise the dead. The group engages, and kills off the dwarfs pretty handily with Mentathenis’ help. Before the Shadow Spreader can be taken down, the group is bloodied. Cliff and Terrlen cross paths and get into a scuffle.

Sam is still sitting in the noble cart when the shadow falls. She watches through the windows as demons fight the Silverymoon Brigade, her cart is rocked a few times and she decides it best to give unlocking the magically sealed cart doors a shot. She manages to remember enough about the arcane to do so and she is released into the pouring rain. She ducks low to avoid being seen and quickly moves to get out of the city. To her left, she notices a sparking sound and sees the beheaded body of Berend Irongullet. His two pugs, Sparky and Radar, catch up to her and she scoops them up. On her flight, she passes another “Noble cart” and thinks that may be where Lythannis and the mummy are being held. She makes a note of it and keeps running.

Up ahead, she notices familiar faces. Ehd, Cliff, and the others. She adjusts her path to head towards them, dodging through ruined buildings and into the graveyard. She comes upon the group just as Cliff falls to the claws of Terrlen, who turns back to the Shadow Spreader with a howl.

She heals him and Ehd is sure to redirect the Shifter to the real problem at hamd. At first everyone thinks Sona has somehow escaped and gotten amazingly better, but then they realize it’s Sam still playing her role.

The group manages to defeat the spreader and help Megilwath out of the mud, still rolling in his own anger for losing his girl. Krushi sends a spark at Megilwath’s rear end to snap him out of it. She tells the drow and the rest of the group that they will find a way into the city and get Sona back. Her hair stands on end.

The group sneaks it’s way through the wet remains of Arabel, avoiding the other spreaders and undead. They make their way to the other cart and release Lythannis and the cloaked mummy. Lythannis expresses his gratitude and calls for Celestine and the pegasus joins them, emerging from a partially collapsed stable structure.

Above them the dark city looms.



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