Realm Runners


As they approach the Halfmoon Inn, Fanidea presses again to be lead before the masters of the Seven Pillared Hall. Megilwath and the Maven offer to show her and Aces, Krushi, Mentathenis, Modreg and Terrlen make their way to the doors of the Halfmoon and enter. Cliff, Ehd and Sam sit at a table out of the way and see the five friends enter. Cliff immediately smells lycanthrope on Terrlen and the two get into a scuffle before Krushi and Sam are able to break it up and get the two men separated. The three bounty hunters return to their seats and Cliff eyes Terrlen from afar.

Fanidea, Megilwath and the Maven approach the Bronze Warder and ask it to summon a Mage to speak with. It moves towards the portal and stomps its hoof upon it. Threatened by the dark skinned woman, the Maven does her best to stay between the two drow and not let the two have words without interjecting. After a moment, the Ordinator Arcanis appears demanding reason for their interruption.

Fanidea tells the Ordinator about the imminent attack from the Drow and he says he will be sure to gather his things and leave. Megilwath and the the Maven ask to see Orontar, and the Ordinator nods and dissappears. Orontar appears a matter of seconds later and he holds the gold mask of the Ordinator in his hand. The Maven notices the mask and. begins to wonder about the Ordinator and Orontar being the same person.

Orontar thanks the two elves and offers them a pair of Diamond Bracers and 900 gold as reward. Fanidea stays to warn Orontar about the Drow while Megilwath and the Maven head back to the Inn, they flirt back and forth and decide to retire to their bedroom straight away.

Sam notices the red headed elf and a drow man approaching the Inn from a window near their table. She taps Cliff and Ehd and tells them to follow her lead, taking the form of Sister Linora from Winterhaven.

As the two elves enter and head straight for the stairs. Sam stops them and says she has something very important to tell to Sona Summergale. After some hesitation and seemingly annoyed by the Sister’s bad timing, she agrees to hear the woman as long as Megilwath can hear as well. Sam tells her that she can not run anymore and should answer to her father about running away. She tells her about the Silverymoon brigades and the reward offered for her return.

Krushi sits near Terrlen and Rendil at the bar and eats trail mix. Mentathenis watches the situation developing with The Maven and Aces and Modreg talk to Charrak outside. They ask the kobold to locate Brugg for them and tell him Aces wants to see him.

Mentathenis and Krushi join the conversation about The Maven’s dilemma, to Sam’s annoyance. A man sitting alone at the front table is put off by the people crowding his space and decides to leave. Cliff and Ehd move into the room to watch out for the Changeling. Unable to convince Sona to turn herself in, Sam attempts a different approach. Taking the Maven into a side room, she reveals her ability to shape change and becomes Sona. The Maven is shocked and Sam speaks to the elf about another option in fixing the issue. She could take Sona’s place and deceive Aramil and her father. She asks the changeling if she can run it by her friends, and Sam agrees.

Aces watches as the angry bar patron unties one of the horses out front and questions the man’s strange and over dramatic demeanor. He brushes her off and leads the horse away. Aces and Modreg turn to notice a silver headed eladrin woman approaching the Inn. When her hair catches the firelight, it shines almost blindingly. Modreg and Aces have to avert their eyes. She walks up to the Mul and introduces herself excitedly as Saranine Lunathalia and she is searching for Mentathenis Starfeon. Aces sends Modreg in with the woman and continues to watch the man stroll away.

Fanidea comes running out from behind a building waving her hands and yelling to the Mul that the hall is under attack! The angered man overhears the Cleric as well and leaps onto the horse kicking it into a run. Aces spins and heads back into the Halfmoon, she tells everyone inside about the attack and Fanidea adds that she did not see any drow as she had expected, only skeletal creatures bringing down an Ogre near one of the gates. Aces pulls Rendil aside and tells him to gather his things, take Erra to safety, and warn anyone he can on the way out. The halfling jumps to, and on their exit of the Inn Rendil hands Krushi a bag of trail mix, he puts his hand on her shoulder and wishes her luck with a smile. Aces asks Terrlen to find them a way out of the Labyrinth. He quickly pulls out his maps and begins studying them in a panic.

Saranine, happy to be in the presence of her old friend’s son, chats up Mentathenis about the history of the Thunderspire Labyrinth, Aurgloroasa, dwarfs and everything in-between. He always remembered her being a bookworm, even more so than himself.

The Maven invites Sam and her two friends to join them in getting out of the Labyrinth, so they can continue their talks in safety. Terrlen explains that he thinks their best shot is heading up through the Labyrinth and out the top into the upper Peaks. Aces agrees and pushes everyone out the doors. Just as they are about to make a run for one of the gates, they are attacked by a group of skeletal dwarfs and their two skeletal hounds. The party, now twelve strong, are able to make quick work of the undead, and only Cliff is injured during the skirmish. Modreg and Megilwath think they can lead the group out of the hall without attracting the attention of more dwarfs. They all follow the drow and goblin’s lead and make their way into the Labyrinth.

On the way through the twisting passages, Saranine and Mentathenis talk some more. She explains that his first wand was actually magical, even though he never knew. She tells him about the spell of Masking Magical Energy and the spell she created to detect the spell of Masking Magical Energy. This is how she was able to keep tabs on his location. She explains that his father went looking for information on an artifact and has disappeared, out of touch for a week and a half. Terrlen asks that they keep their voices down and leads them further up the twisting passages to emerge into the rain and lightning of the Peaks.

From one darkness to another they go, a blackened partially ruined tower looms above them as they make efforts to search for a suitable camp site for the night. Terrlen finds a large open area just off the path up ahead, and Sam creates a campsite for the band. Soon after, Megilwath hears the sounds of flapping wings fluttering about above. A hissing voice on the howlng winds sounds through the crevices of the mountain. “Leave this place now. The shadow of death comes for you.”

A large boulder rolls down from above and the band scatters to the side before it crashes to pieces on impact. A gargoyle can be seen flitting clumsily through the downpour. The Band engages, and within a few moments they are under attack from 3 gargoyles, more boulders are thrown from the mountain top, and the stoneflesh creatures zip between the intruders slashing and biting with claw and fang. The trio of nasties is bested though, and the party feels a rumble accompanied by more falling rock and a sound from above. The creepy tower darkens and in a puff of blackness, disappears from where it stood.

Saranine points out that the Shadovar have been rumored to be able to teleport their floating cities across vast distances on Toril, and that many times, they will appear out of nowhere, seemingly without having taken the time to fly there.

Terrlen and Aces locate a new camping spot down the Vale Road to the west a few hundred yards. Sona helps Sam establish the new site and they all turn in for a hard night’s rest.


DM notes:

Saranine Lunathalia (Saranathia) was a spin on a dragon character I made up years ago. She was originally going to be played as your typical stoic, wise silver dragon type, but when I sat down to write her up, she instantly changed into a youthful, lighthearted, energetic, and annoyingly nerdy tech girl. A “Bookwyrm.” She has a more modern sensibility that doesn’t quite fit in the fantasy world she lives in, she’s a dragon before her time. Someone who would make for wacky back-story pairings with Kalorel and a fun counter for Mentathenis…

I usually try to anticipate questioning and conversation, and make a lot of notes on the way a character would react in situations and near certain people, while making sure that the information keeps coming…

“Mentathenis! I flew for days! My wings are really sore! Oh well it gets me out and about, you know how your father always wants us to be more adventurous.”

“Oh! Well let me ask…do you still have the wand I gave you when you were just a little Fey? Is it magical? No? What if I told you…it WAS! Well, your father had me attach a spell to it!”

“Here, try one more time! Okay now let me try! See! I’m detecting magic! The spell of masking magical effects! I created it! It’s masking nothing! That’s why it’s so great!”

“Oh! How I tracked you?”

“No, I created the spell that detects the spell that masks magical effects! And over great distances I might add! It was a very complicated process and if you would like to hear about the extensive research it took in order to accomplish such a thing I could tell you!”

“So! The Thunder Peaks! Pretty cool! I haven’t ventured through them myself, but wow! Some history right? Did you know that the whole of the Thunderspire Labyrinth used to be a Minotaur City?? The ruins of Saruun Khel Well, at least until the Dwarves moved in, I’m sure Thunderholme would be equally amazing, that is if Aurgloroasa didn’t make her home there now. She killed every last one of those dwarves! Now it’s said that they are all servants to her will in death! The thought of little dwarven skeletons seems so funny to me, I’m almost tempted to go see for myself! Oh but shadow dragons, ick right?”

“Oh! Wow! Your father had a vision of this! But Im completely beside myself that it was you and your friends who found it! It’s almost as if your father having the vision, made it become a reality! May I see it! Oh my! It appears to be formed entirely of souls! Does it hurt? This is a weighty discovery indeed! How ever did you find it?”

“A mul, how fascinating! Ive read about you! Did know that the crossing of human and dwarven blood only seems to happen on the world of Athas! It’s believed that a harsh environment forces creatures to adapt and change in order to survive! The strength of both human and dwarf in a single body! You are living proof of this happening! I want to take a blood sample but I have no idea what I’d do with it!”

“Your father went looking for information on where the other shards are located! He speculated that they may be arrayed upon many worlds, if this is true think of the adventure that lays before us!”

“Well, that’s why Im here. I’ve not been in touch with Kalorel for many moons now! He has failed to check in with me on his progress, and my own attempts to contact him about the research I’ve been doing have been met by only silence!”

Fanidea Tayunyrr is the exact opposite of Saranine. She is a gloomy, dark, and frustrated with her place in the world.


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