Realm Runners

CHAPTER THIRTY THREE: Assault on Baldur's Gate Part I

The Crow Flies at Dawn

Early the next morning, Mentathenis and Lythannis are roused from their slumber by a rapping on their window. A large scraggly crow pecks away until the wizard opens the window to let it in, when it flies up to perch on his shoulder and continues it’s pecking on his head. Words begin to form in the eladrin’s mind, in broken common but readable enough…

“Come wizard library, check book, Saranine request.”

Mentathenis tells Lythannis he has been called away to check out a book and leaves immediately.

As the others wake up and prepare to head out, Lythannis let’s them know about Mentathenis’ errand. Aces has a feeling of dread fall over her. It feels like the night of the card game in Sigil. Townsfolk gasp in fear, women grab their children and run, men point to the sky over the city gates where the black silhouette of Shade hangs menacingly. War horns are sounded and guards begin to mobilize. Krushi can feel the same energy she felt at the goblin tower. As she moves towards the dark enclave, that power grows stronger. She can not take flight yet, but she is already feeling lighter on her feet. The group decides to split up. One group to go after Mentathenis and the other to follow Krushi into battle against Shade.

Aces, Modreg, Sam and Lythannis along with the help of Sparky and Radar head after the wizard. Krushi, Ehd, Cliff and Ree’vr move towards the main gates where a massive battle has begun for Baldur’s Gate. Megilwath and Fanidea, stay hidden at the Gatehouse Inn so as not to be seen and mistaken for the enemy. Terrlen helps get people to safety.

The Fields In Shadow

As the Halfling and her companions muscle their way through fleeing townsfolk, and charging soldiers, they can see the scope of the battle come into full view. Hundreds and hundreds of men of the Gate fight off a massive army of undead lead by Pyraxis, barking from the rear. A tiny imp flutters about him carrying a small device.

Boulders soar over head from the catapults of the city. A circling swarm of hundreds of gargoyles work to stop the attacks. A few at a time turn themselves to stone and dive bomb the approaching projectiles, knocking them off course or turning them to much smaller rocks upon impact.

Cliff and Ehd can see the enclave gradually sneaking its way forward towards them. Krushi feels herself gaining more energy and realizes that every time she has been in the presence of shade, her hair has gone static. She focuses on that energy and dark clouds begin to form in the distance. The four rush into battle where the enemy has broken through the lines. They take on a group of skeleton warriors and archers, chill born zombies, and blazing skeletons.

Cliff beats into splinters the many who swarm him, becoming enraged, he rips through the undead, until finally having to retreat to be healed by Ehd. The Warlord calls out tactics and inspires his friends to attack with a vengeance and keeps his eye on Krushi, who waits for her clouds to roll in, casually flinging her magical lightning across the fields and blowing up skeletons. Ree’vr jumps around the battle in strides, cutting down undead left and right with his Gythka and spinning his Chakras with deadly accuracy. Before long, the undead in their area have all become dead. Pyraxis yells out “This city’s end has come! Baldur’s Gate will fall!” He and the rest of his army sink into the shadow, leaving the soldiers on the field to look around at the ready. Rain begins to fall.

Krushi’s eyes narrow and ignite with electric energy, she looks into the sky…

The Wizard’s Library

Mentathenis makes his way swiftly across the city, his robes flowing behind him. He had been to the Royal Wizard’s Library before and knew where it was, but decided to follow the ugly black bird on the path it thought best through the crowded streets. War horns sounded in the distance and gradually drew closer, then receded again west over the city. As he approached the gates of the wizard square, he glanced behind him to see Shade in the distance. He knew he would have to make his visit to the library brief…

The two armored elven swordmages held up their hands at the approaching wizard, their gazes locked into the distance at the looming darkness. “What is your business here…wizard? Oh.” They apologetically bow and stand aside to let Mentathenis pass, then return to their stare.

He makes his way through the great doors and into the bowels of the massive tower. The eladrin wizard grins in excitement to be amongst so many of his arcane endowed fellow once again. Down the spiral stairs into the Wizard’s library he goes to greet the ghostly librarian, Andurel.

“Ah, Mentathenis, yes. The book that Saranine requested be saved for you…just came back in. It has been quite popular as of late. I didn’t know when you would make the gate, so I placed it back on the shelf…” the elven spirit said.

He motions for Mentathenis to follow him and the eladrin turns to walk after the specter. Without warning, the four large, lit braziers are snuffed out and the library is plunged into darkness, save for the blue glow of Andurel. Mentathenis casts light, and hard shadows of bookshelves are painted in broad strokes around the room. The sounds of hissing can be heard, and the animated dark of some small, quick nightmarish creatures scurry about…

“I do think…we are not alone in here right now.” Speaks the ghost.
“You are not wrong my departed friend, your assistance would be most appreciated.” as Mentathenis draws his wands.
“And you shall have it! I’ll not have my library disarranged!” Shouted Andurel!

A group of Runespiral Demons and Skulkers rush out of the darkness towards the two. Mentathenis launches a Scorching Burst on the creatures and fey steps to the top of a bookshelf, Andurel flips a book off a shelf and whacks one in the head, then follows the eladrin above. The demons scurry after them clawing biting and arcing lightning bolts out of their faces.

Guard #327

Reginald stood at the top of the library stairs. He spun his halberd between his hands, watching it skitter across the stones of the floor as it twisted on end. At 16 years old, he was new to the Bauldur’s Gate Guard, and knew that his guarding of the library was only a temporary step in his long but ultimately rewarding career in the military. If only something heroic were to happen to him…

Suddenly, he felt a large rumble and heard an explosion downstairs. He knew Andurel always kept his library quiet, “Something must be up!” He said to himself and rushed downstairs to see strange creatures running about. He remembered his training and rushed in fearlessly, yelling out “Everyone take cover!” He swung his halberd towards one of the small shelled ones and it’s head found purchase in the demon’s hide, causing it to screech in pain.

Andurel and the Eladrin were fighting off the monsters further in, and Reginald set to fighting his way over to them.

Mentathenis notices Symernia the Nightbringer near the back of the library accompanied by an imp flitting about her carrying an hourglass. He fends off the smaller demons and turns his attention towards the hourglass, using mage hand to wrestle it put of the creatures hands. This draws the attention of the succubus, keeping her eyes fixed on the hourglass. Andurel pulls a number off books from the shelves around the woman and they swarm around her, causing her to become slowed. When the eladrin discovers the timepiece to me non-magical, he shatters it on the ground, and Symernia immediately calls for a retreat back into the sewers. Mentathenis, Andurel and Reginald manage to kill off a few of the creatures during their escape, but can not stop the succubus fro getting away.

With his attention returned to the library, Andurel knows immediately that one of the books has gone missing, The exact same book that he was to give to the eladrin at Saranine’s request, in fact. He also notices a strange chest sitting against the back wall…



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