Realm Runners


Neverwinter Wood

Mentathenis, his new apprentice Nitzi, and Sam Emerge into Neverwinter Wood via the portal from the Feywild. Nitzi questions the safety of portals and voices her concern about the fact that she can’t remember anything prior to walking through it. Mentathenis explains to her about the nature of portals and sometimes disorientation can happen. She also asks about the fact that their last names are the same, and if Mentathenis is her father, to which he replies no, but she is a member of House Starfeon. He also starts calling her “Snips.”

After a moment, a deafening roar is heard overhead. Nizti closes her eyes and covers her ears. Mentathenis and Sam look up and through the canopy of the trees to glimpse the silhouette of a giant undead wyrm. The beat of her wings bends the trees and causes a blast of wind to surge towards them from above. Aurgloroasa screeches once more before she soars out of view. Mentathenis explains to Sam that they must follow the Dracolich, in hopes that she will lead them to where Saranine is being held captive. As they continue on, he tells them about Sara’s messages and Aurgloroasa’s plans to transform her into a Dracolich.

Old Sharandar

Soon after, they come across some old ruins that Mentathenis identifies as part of Old Sarandar, an ancient Eladrin city. Beautiful Fey relics, statues, toppled structures lie scattered about.

As they move through the ruins, they notoce that many pieces have been removed from the area, judging from indentations in the ground. Mentathenis teaches Nitzi about the ruins and it’s history. They then notice a fountain with a small lighted stream reaching out of it towards the sky. They conclude that it must be a beacon of some sort. Tucked behind one of the pillars of a ruined temple structure is a chest. Sam uses her knowledge of the Arcane to open the chest and Mentathenis has Nitzi watch. Suddenly a large Shambler animates behind Sam and swipes at her with it’s whipping branches. Though quick it appears to take great care around the relics and moves slowly around them. Sam plays a tune that slows the plant creature even moe and it doesn’t take long for them to kill it.

As they head back to the chest to collect it’s contents. a group of seven eladrin emerge from the woods and greet the three. The head Eladrin, introduces himself as Alcyon Nightbinder, a guardian of the Sharandar Restorers in Silmataurea. He thanks the three for protecting the relics while they were away. The six restorers renew the shambler and  it returns to sleep in it’s sentry position. Alcyon offers the three adventurers assistance and a nights stay in New Sharandar to recover from their wounds. He also requests that the relics be returned to their care but Sam persuades them to let her carry them instead, citing the fact that she balanced one of their goblets on her head while killing their Shambler guardian. They agree.

Alcyon leads them all to a ruined temple, a Feybough. He offers Mentathenis the honor of opening a Fey Passage, and through they go, back into the Feywild, stepping out of a giant boulder on the other side, and on to New Sharandar, the eladrin village and headquarters of operations within Neverwinter Wood.

Safe Rest

They are led to Alcyon’s house and his partner, an eladrin woman named Alachia serves them dinner and over the meal their host expands on their presence within the wood. He tells them that his people are working to restore Sharandar to it’s former glory but with the Netherese removing precious artifacts from their sites, they can only hope to rescue as many as they can and bring them To New Sharandar for safe keeping. He says It has not been easy, and the Netherese have made off with countless sacred works of art and knowledge. They have lost two whole Fey Vaults to the darkness already and he fears that with each lost vault the Shadovar move forward their plot to resurrect Xinlenal that much faster, by repairing it’s Mythallar. He talks a little about the Fey vaults and their heavy defenses, but the Shadovar are still able to infiltrate and pillage them.

After dinner they all head to bed and the next morning Alcyon accompanies them back to the Feybough to see them returned safely to the prime.

The Fey Vault

As they continue on through the wood in a south eastern direction they coma across what appears to be a burrow with large stone doors that have been partially destroyed, allowing entrance into an underground passage. As the three decide to check it out, Mentathenis believes it may be an opened Fey Vault and something was trying to get in. Just past the entrance, they notice skeletal footprints, and two logs carved with thorny vines flanking the carved passage. Just beyond that, there is a large thirty foot long pit that also decends thirty feet into a nest of brambles. Tangled in the vines is an undead skeleton, struggling and entwined. 

When Mentathenis reaches the edge, two claw like blades rip from the walls at the far side and slice forward toward him, before they hit him, he fey steps to the far side. The blades retract back into the walls. Nitzi and Sam examine the logs, while Mentathenis explores a little further to discover two more logs carved with a pattern of fire. Sam and Nitzi discover that the two eight foot logs can be removed from their alcoves easily. Mentathenis invites Nitzi across the pit to check out the fire logs. Sam stays back working on a way for her to cross. When Mentathenis pulls out one of the fire logs, the ceiling above the pit collapses, and with it, a mass of burning material falls into the pit lighting the brambles below on fire along with the stranded skeleton. Fire bats swarm put of the fire to attack the three intruders.

Three of them attack Nitzi and Mentathenis, a fourth flaps over to attack Sam on the entrance side of the pit. The bats prove to be more annoying than anything and Mentathenis takes the opportunity to let Nitzi get some practice in. After the bats are defeated, Mentathenis and Nitzi continue on, leaving Sam to figure her own way across the flaming pit. 

A little further, The two eladrin find two more logs, these carved with mountainous peaks. Mentathenis instructs Nitzi to lead the way and she steps on a trigger plate, a rumble sounds from up ahead and a huge rounded boulder comes roaring towards them. They run back towards the entrance and fey leap across the pit to join Sam just as the boulder flies into the pit extinguishing the fire. Mentathenis and Sam decide to try to prop the logs up near the walls and at the edge of the pit. They activate the lade trap and when they slice out of the walls they crash against the logs and shatter. Allowing a safe crossing by grappling hook and rope. As Sam makes her way across, Mentathenis goes over the contents of the adventurers kit with Nitzi.

When the three move deeper into the heavily protected vault they come to what appears to be a dead end, at a waterfall spilling out of the ceiling and flowing through a small crevice in the floor. There are two more logs that Sam checks for traps, and notices a device under one of the logs. With no other options, they move the logs which are lighter that the three sets before, and hollowed on one side. The wall behind the waterfall cracks open and reveals an underground stream leading into the earth. The three use the logs as small boats and ride them down a twisting flume into the main Fey Vault. An underground lake, cluttered with beautiful statues temples and art. Above them looms a gigantic earthen dome roots and dirt twisted together to form a ceiling. In the center of the dome, on a small island, is a bowl of water, held by four dead browned roots.

Sam begins to loot quickly, against Mentathenis’ wishes. He leads Nitzi into the center of the small island to examine the fountain. The eladrin scoops a bit of water to sprinkle it on the roots, causing them to green slightly. Then he takes the bowl and pours it over the entire base, The roots suck in the water and turn from dry to a greenish brown, becoming rejuvenated from their ends down into the earth.

The ground begins to shake and they feel themselves being lifted towards the top of the dome. It’s roots pull back to release falling earth down from above. Light shines in as it breaks apart and opens. The three continue to rise along with the underground lake, the water draining away leaving them standing back in Neverwinter Wood, among the newly resurfaced ruins of Sharandar.

There to meet them is a Shadar Kai Witch with a host of skeletal minions. She voices her thanks to the heroes in raising the fey fault for her to loot and then commands her minions to attack. Without too much trouble the skeletons are defeated, and much of the witch’s magic fizzles against the three. They are able to quickly put her down.



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