Realm Runners

CHAPTER TEN: The Bloodreavers

After speaking with Gendar, the party returned to the Halfmoon Inn to confirm the directions Rendil provided them to get to the Chamber of Eyes, in which the Bloodreavers hide out. They gather their things and set off, but are stopped abruptly by Brugg the Ogre who announces that someone would like to speak with them. They are introduced to Orontor, one of the Mages of Saruun who asks them to look into the case of the missing Mage Paldemar. If they could return with any information on his whereabouts and dealings they would gain the favor of Orontor’s brotherhood.

Once agreeing to help Orontor, they set off into the Labyrinth from the Seven Pillared Hall via the Dragon Door, make their way along the prospectors’ routes marked with old Dwarven runes and eventually arriving at the Narthex of the Chamber of Eyes.

Gaining access to the Chamber through an unlocked door on a balcony ledge, the group dispatch a few Goblins and a Bugbear without alerting the rest of the complex. They then make their way into the Reflectory which now serves as a dining room and kitchen for the Bloodreavers. They fight off and defeat the many denizens of the mess hall, including Hobgoblins, Goblins and a few Human bandits.

Making their way around the Shrine area, they encounter two Duergar, which they are able to subdue and tie up before they are spotted by a Hobgoblin who alerts the rest of the Chamber to their presence. Krand, the Hobgoblin Chief emerges from his quarters and is delighted to have visitors that he may sell as slaves. He enters into the Shrine and a deep howl is heard by the party.

Mentathenis heads for the Shrine and throws wide the doors, inside the large room he sees Krand who has mounted atop a Dire Wolf, three Hobgoblin Archers, and a Warcaster on an upper balcony. Mentathenis takes three arrows to the chest and is laid out. The others arrive at the Shrine to help Mentathenis and take on the Hobgoblins. After a bloody battle, Aces, Krushi, Megilwath, Mentathenis and The Maven emerge victorious.

Searching Krand, they find a key which is used to unlock a chest in his room. The chest contains +2 delver’s chainmail and some gems. Searching through Krand’s quarters they also discover a letter, the letter is written in common and is a contract to purchase the Winterhaven slaves for 1,000 gold, signed by Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, dated two days ago.

They return to the tied up Duergar and attempt to question them. They are both extremely hard headed and refuse to do much talking regarding the slaves. Megilwath kills one to get the other talking, and he mentions the Horned Hold, when asked to draw directions to the Hold, the Duergar refuses and thrusts his hands into the nearby fire pit. The party then forces him to draw up the map with a piece of charcoal in his mouth. Mentathenis then hits the dark dwarf with a magic missile and kills him off. The Maven is traumatized by the whole ordeal.



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