Realm Runners

CHAPTER SIX: Redemption and Escape

The party decides to take an extended rest within the bowels of the keep, during which the meditating Megilwath experiences an odd vision. It consists of a beautiful drow female, alone in the dark, with sadness in her eyes and another, older brooding drow female sitting upon a wicked throne, who’s mouth stretches impossibly wide and releases a swarm of spiders which come at Megilwath and snap him out of his meditation. After he rouses the rest of his companions, they decide to follow Keegan into the huge cave. Droggle and Splug decide to return to Winterhaven via the chains to get more ale.

The large cave goes on for around a hundred yards, ever so gradually sloping upwards. The cave comes to an abrupt stop with a single, smaller side passage leading off to the left. The passage looks to be dug out by creatures of some sort, and sure enough they encounter another nesting ground of the reptilian, insect-like Kruthiks. After defeting these, the party finds a small pit which appears to contain the Kruthik’s food stash, a few rotting Hobgoblins and a dead Human Sorcerer. Among their belongings they discover a Staff of Storms +1.

The party pushes through to take the Kruthik’s eggs, which Mentathenis chills to keep fresh. At the end of the Kruthik’s lair a small hole in one wall reveals how they enter and exit the keep proper, Aces gives the wall a charge with her mace and the hole becomes large enough for everyone to move through. It drops them into the hallways just before the statue trap room where Megilwath almost drowned.

Again they spot the lingering and fading ghost of Sir Keegan, and follow him back to the door that is boarded up with the word “closed” scrawled across it. They bust through the door and explore the area beyond. It is remarkably clean compared to the rest of the keep, not a speck of dust is to be found. They find a couple sarcophagi containing two nasty Corruption Corpses and are ambushed from behind by a Gelatinous Cube. Once victorious over the undead and ooze, they continue to a small room that contains a chest.

Once inside the room, the skeletal Sir Keegan, and his spectral wife and children emerge from the walls. Keegan thanks the party for finally putting an end to the keep’s corruption and sealing Shadraxil back into the Shadowfell. The young girl ghost rummages through the chest and hands a Safewing Amulet to the heroes in thanks. Sir Keegan and his family, begin to fade away and he warns the party that they should leave quickly. As soon as Keegan is gone, the Keep begins to rumble and cracks begin to form along the walls and ceiling. Aces empties the chest into her bag of holding and the group makes a run for it.

On their way out, almost to the stairs leading to the first level of the keep, the party encounters some Hobgoblins who are also attempting to flee the area. The party thinks it best to attack them, and a fight among the falling rubble and cracking floors ensues. Many of the Hobgoblins flee in sheer terror of the crumbling keep and the intimidation of the heroes.

Eventually all the Hobgoblins have run up to the first level and after rescuing Athena and Krushi from a pit that opened up, the party follows.

Aces, Megilwath, Krushi, Athena and Mentathenis make their way out of the keep and into the warm afternoon sunlight. After reaching a safe distance, they turn to watch the entire keep fall in on itself and sink into a crater.



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