Realm Runners

CHAPTER SEVEN: Return to Winterhaven

On the path south back through the woods towards Winterhaven, the party hears a woman’s scream from somewhere off to their right. They follow its direction to a small flowered clearing, and discover a bloodied necklace. Megilwath notices some tracks leading out the opposite side of the clearing into the woods and follow them for a ways until they are lost at the edge of a river.

They head back down the path to the Village and are greeted by a few guards , Lord Padraig, Sister Linora and Valthrun. They party is led to a small house where the body of Ninaran lies. They are questioned in regards to her death, and reveal that a man who discovered her in the graveyard, was blaming them. After a bit of explaining, Lord Padraig is convinced that the elf woman’s death was necessary and the group’s motives were for good. He announces a feast in the victorious heroes names at Wrafton’s.

Aces shows Linora the bloodied necklace and she recognizes it as Delphina Moongem’s, an elven woman who lives within Winterhaven and sells flowers from her cart. Mentathenis brings forth a letter from a group of slavers known as the Bloodreavers from the Thunder Peaks written to Kalarel about seeking slaves for purchase. Valthrun believes that the Bloodreavers must assuredly be responsible for the missing townsfolk, and that if it’s the Thunder Peaks they are hiding in, he will seek information on the mountain range from his tower and present it to the party in the morning. Aces, Krushi, Mentathenis and Megilwath head to Wrafton’s inn and tavern to join in the festivities. Athena is pulled back to the temple by Sister Linora.

Wrafton’s is full of happy and drunk townsfolk eager to thank the party for their destruction of the old keep. A young and exceedingly beautiful elven woman plays music on her lute and sings, entertaining the party in celebration of the heroes. Mentathenis and Megilwath are quick to notice her and Gil turns to a man sitting at the bar to ask her name, in which he replies she is only known as the “Maven of Strings.”



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