Realm Runners

CHAPTER NINE: Into the Labyrinth

After leaving the sewers, the party, now including The Maven of Strings, whom they learn who’s real name is Sona Summergale, leave Winterhaven and head West along the East Way towards the Thunder Peaks.

About an hour’s travel later they reach the branching Vale Road, a small semi-cobbled path that winds up into the mountain peak. The skies are grey and stormy. Rain begins to fall as they reach the Minotaur Gate, a large opening that marks the mouth of the Labyrinth, two giant minotaur statues sit on either side, glowering down at the visitors.

They head inside and down the switchback Hall of Lanterns, demon statues are carved out of the walls, 77 of them in all. They pass by a number of branching antechambers and halls and finally come across one that is lit. Upon investigation, they discover a group of Hobgoblins who are keeping a halfling bound and ready to be sold into slavery. They party enters the chamber and defeats the Hobgoblins, whom they learn from Rendil Halfmoon, the halfling captive are a part of the Bloodreavers. Rendil thanks the adventurers for saving him and asks that they accompany him to the Seven Pillared Hall where is aunt owns an inn. They follow Rendil into the hall as he explains to them a bit about the hall, it’s history and it’s inhabitants.

They arrive at the Hall and Rendil escorts them past Brugg, the Ogre who keeps the peace at the request of the Mages of Saruun and into the Halfmoon Inn. Erra the owner of the inn thanks them for Rendil’s rescue and offers free ale to the party. They ask that Rendil draw them a map to the Bloodreaver’s hideout called the Chamber of Eyes. The party has a conversation with the two halflings about the Seven Pillared Hall and a possible guide to the labyrinth in a man named Terrlen. They then ask that Rendil show them to Gendar’s shop, a drow merchant at the interest of Megilwath.

As they cross the Hall, see a bronze minotaur statue with a glowing teleportation circle which Rendil describes as the way the Mages of Saruun get in and out of their tower. Beyond the circle lies Gendar’s, they enter, and despite him being somewhat on guard with Megilwath, they learn that he is a self exiled drow, who works as a merchant. He offers them a job seeking out a skull scepter that he lost at the hands of the duergar within a place called the Horned Hold. In addition, if they discover any interesting relics within the labyrinth, he will pay for them with information.



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