Realm Runners


Through the Gate

Fanidea and Gendar pull up behind the other wagons entering into Neverwinter. They are hassled by the guards about their race and cargo briefly but eventually waved through and directed to the Vendor’s Square. They follow the guards directions, precisely but find themselves entering into a graveyard instead. Then they realize that the guards may have been pranking them and they continue through the city until they can find their way around the giant crevice that splits the whole thing in two. The only road into the main city seems to be through the graveyard after all, they finally find the vendor square and park. Gendar begins to unpack and make room for them to eat.

By the Sea

As the Tombstone rounds the last point, coming into view of Neverwinter harbor, Gregor Faringray thanks Aces and Modreg again for their help in crewing. He adds that if they ever want travel along the sword coast again, he would be more than happy to take them on.

The Feypoppies thank Ciff for his dance move training and Chael Starwind thanks Aces for her confidence building talks and thanks Modreg for his singing lessons. The four dwarves begin lugging all the Poppies’ belonings onto deck to be unloaded.

When the ship slides up against the Gullhouse, Megilwath is the first one off the boat, and looks to be returned to his mocking smiley self. Cliff, Terrlen and Ehd step off and onto the dock, and see why it’s called the Gullhouse. There are Sea Gulls everywhere and the entire building is caked white with their droppings. Lythannis and Terrlen help the Feypoppies off the boat and Aces and Modreg help unload their luggage. Waiting near the pier is a rather ornate royal cart drawn with 6 horses waiting for the performers and their dwarven servants. The Faringray’s head in to grab drinks, and after the Poppies leave, the heroes follow the crew into the tavern.

Rumors at the Gullhouse

Aces, Modreg, Cliff, Ehd, Megilwath, Terrlen and the Faringray’s talk with the bartender about Neverwinter, the climate for Drow, the exploded Shadovar city, and the damage at Baldur’s Gate. The bartender understands them to be heroes and offers them all a round of drinks. He then grabs a wanted parchment off the wall that draws the interest of the team.

It is a poster offering 10,000 gold for the ending of Neverwinter’s issue of grave robbings.

Aces, Modreg, Ehd, Cliff and Megilwath decide to check it out. Lythannis and Terrlen agree to find suitable shelter while they are out and meet back up at the Gullhouse later.

The Tempted Drow

They make their way across the wide bridge past the ruins of Castle Never and through a residential section. They suspect there is someone following them on the rooftops above, and Megilwath and Cliff hunt the mysterious watcher down. They corner him on a roof and subdue him quickly onto the ground. When they pull off his cloak, they see he is a Drow. Megilwath and Cliff discover that he was being lured by the Wraith Blade. He denies them much more information beyond that, causing Megilwath to become impatient. He raises the acursed Spectral Blade and slides it across the young dark elf’s throat, right in the middle of the street. Megilwath and Cliff leave his body and catch up to the others.

Valindra Shadowmantle

They head into Neverwinter Graveyard. After investigating and disovering a large number of unearthed graves, they see a flash of green light and hear a scream very nearby.

When they rush to investigate the source of the noise, they see an Eladrin woman roaming the grave yard. Thinking it strange that a woman would wander the graveyard in the middle of the night—they approach her to learn her name is Valindra and that she was visiting a long passed relative. Aces asks Modreg to escort her out of the graveyard and Modreg complies, because she is quite pretty. He chats her ear off as they head to the graveyard gates and despite his offer to walk her right home, she declines, repeatedly. She leaves him swiftly at the gate and disappears back into the city.

Fanidea Returns

Having awoken from a particularly stimulating meditation to the sound of a scream she decides to check out the graveyard for something to kill. Gendar stays behind because he’s not interested in getting into trouble. She makes her way through the graveyard gates and as she does, she thinks she can hear familliar voices…

She approaches the group with caution, keeping her hands raised and explaining her error in judgement and the lure of the Wraith Blade. She asks Aces to back her up on it because she said as much on the deck of the Tombstone to the mul before she rolled off the side. Aces believes the Drow woman. After much dispute and anger from Megilwath, the group agrees to take the cleric back.

Who is watching Neverwinter Graveyard?

They continue to search the unearthed graves and find that many of them appear to have been dug out of, as opposed to dug in to. They suspect foul necromancy, and continue to hunt. Another green flash and a moan sounds across the headstones. They rush back around to the eastern area and find Valindra, again, wandering the graveyard.

This time they suspect her of being more than just a mourning visitor. She admits she lied, and that she is actually the graveyard ground’s keeper. She was untruthful because the whole damn graveyard is defiled and it appears she is horrible at her job. Ehd suspects more lies and examines her deeply, to discover that she is in fact, undead herself!

She admits as much, and drops her disguise. Her beautiful eladrin skin shrivels up and sinks around her bones. Her robes darkening and tearing. Her voice crackles, but she convinces them that regardless of her being an undead eladrin, she is still a horrible groundskeeper and would like to retire for the night. Aces asks Modreg to escort her back to her housing on the graveyard grounds and Modreg complies, but this time she’s not very pretty.

When he leaves her at her front door, she closes it behind her and the goblin moves to peek through a window. He watches as the shriveled eladrin woman ponders silently for a moment, and then opens a green portal in the nearest wall. She steps over a body and through the swirling doorway. Modreg, noticing that the portal is slowly fading, runs back to get the group.

They all run to the ground’s house and Aces busts through the front door. They investigate the body on the floor of the house. Its the body of a very very old man who may have been dead for a while.

They all jump through the portal to chase down Valindra, suspecting her of murdering the old man, and posing as the groundskeeper.

Tomb of the Nine

Aces, Modreg, Megilwath, Cliff, Ehd and Fanidea emerge on the other side of the portal to find themselves in a tomb and under attack by a group of Icetomb Wights. The party manages to take out the chilling welcome party and search the room. Ehd and Fanidea identify the tomb as being of the Neverwinter Nine, and group of elite personal guards of the lords of the city.

In the main sarcophagus, lies the body of Slade, the last of the Nine. In his hands are gripped around a Mindcrusher Maul which Aces raises with love in her eyes.

She swings it around in a cinematic fashion, then urges the party to move on. There are a few jokes cracked about Wights and Ehd’s mother.

As they continue they are ambushed by Oblivion Wraiths who emerge from the walls, clawing and shrieking in horror. After a painstaking battle, they locate the coffins of N’halien and Tamper, and within one, they find a pair of Gloves of Transferrence.

In the next room of the tomb the party encounters Valindra and three Bone Archivists. The woman is just finishing raising a warrior from one of the sarcophagi. She then ushers the armored undead through a portal and turns to regard the heroes. She is surprised at their tenacity and sends her Bone Archivists to attack!



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