Realm Runners

CHAPTER FIVE: Kalarel and the Shadowfell

After defeating the denizens within the cathedral, they scout out the rest of the room to be sure it’s clear. The dark ripples continue to twist the dimensions around them. They notice ghostly figures, a woman and two laughing children. They locate a pit in the center of the cathedral floor that appears to be funneling blood into it as part of a ritual. 4 chains dangle into the darkness from the top. Megilwath climbs down first to see what he can find, then returns to the party to inform them of what he saw, and they all climb down together.

Within the lower level of the cathedral lies a huge portal rippling like oil with something straining to be released into the world. There is a large statue of the Dark Goddess Shar across from the portal. They encounter Kalarel who is still in the midst of opening the gateway, a Deathlock Wight, two Skeleton Warriors and a host of Skeletal Minions. Athena, Krushi and Mentathenis manage to disrupt the ritual before the portal can open and the portal implodes on itself, revealing a large cave behind. Shadraxil roars from across the Shadowfell.

The five companions then turn their efforts towards bringing down the Wight and Kalarel. The battle does not go smoothly for them, but they manage to destroy the wight despite their serious injuries.

When things start to really heat up for the party, Droggle and Splug fall into the blood pool having found their way to the others, they join in the fight. Even Sir Keegan enters the fray to help best Kalarel, though he is terribly weakened and even with the mighty Aecris Blade returned to his hand by Mentathenis, his strikes fail him. Finally, after a long and arduous battle Kalarel and his death cult are slain. The party finds a Horned Helm, and Magic Dagger +2 and a fine Elven Cloak.

Keegan notices the ghostly figures and begins to follow them up into the large cave opening.



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