Realm Runners


The party arrives back in the Seven Pillared Hall to some amount of commotion near the minotaur statue in the center of town. Once pushing through the crowd they see a man kneeling before an animated Bronze Minotaur construct and another man standing by, wearing a black robe and a featureless gold mask over his face. The masked man turns to the crowd and identifies the kneeling man as a thief who made and attempt to pillage the recently abandoned Grimmerzhul Trading Post, now sentenced to death. With a wave of his hand, the Bronze Minotaur lifts it’s axe high over it’s head and in a single swing, decapitates the thief.

Terrlen explains to Megilwath and Aces that the dark robed figure is called The Ordinator Arcanis, a sort of justice keeper within the hall. Aces approaches the Ordinator as the crowd is dispersing and asks what is to become of the Trading Post. The Ordinator dismisses it as of no interest to the Mages of Saruun and lets Aces know that if they want anything out of it, they are free to take what they will. Seemingly strange that they just killed a man for attempted theft of the very same location, but the party pays it little mind and heads over to see what may be left as Terrlen heads back to the Halfmoon Inn. Inside the post, hidden under one of the mattresses in the back Megilwath finds a small pouch of 50 gold. Mentathenis pours over a carving above the counter but figures it to be a simple sign of little importance.

Aces, Krushi, The Maven, Megilwath, Mentathenis and Modreg then return to Gendar to give him the recovered Skull Scepter. He gives them more information on the missing mage Paldemar and offers them another job collecting Kruthik carapaces from within the labyrinth. Megilwath asks about the nearest entrance into the underdark and Gendar offers to draw a map for 10 gold. Megilwath accepts, and they all head back to the inn. Upon arriving at the Halfmoon, Rendil greets them and informs them that the rescued Winterhaven villagers headed back to the town early that morning, he again praises them on their heroic deeds and reminds them that room and board are on the house. Aces pushes Modreg onto Rendil who takes the little goblin to the bar for drinks and chats him up.

After talking with Terrlen about romantic places within the Hall, The Maven invites Megilwath to accompany her to the waterfalls where there is a cave with beautiful mushrooms and crystal formations. Megilwath agrees and The Maven takes his hand pulling him out of the Inn towards the falls.

Terrlen approaches Mentathenis to tell him about the difficulty in finding the Well of Demons, and that there is one person within the Seven Pillared Hall who can help them. A warlock named Surina, who has heard of the adventurers and doesn’t like that there are two other magic users stealing her show of heroism. Terrlen has arranged a meeting between Surina, Mentathenis and Krushi, in hopes that things can be ironed out, and they might be able to get the information they need from the woman. Once they get the number of her pigeon-hole, the two magic users head out of the inn.

Brugg invites Aces over to his table and greets her excitedly with a nearly alive flower. Aces shares more tales of gladiatorial combat with the ogre over two small barrels of Erra Halfmoon’s mediocre ale. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, Brugg works up the nerve to ask Aces if she would be willing to teach him some combat moves. Aces agrees, and they head out of the inn to practice.

The Waterfalls

The Maven and Megilwath enter the Waterfall caves in awe. Bioluminescent mushrooms of every color pulse with light, reflecting across the crystals and rippling water, creating a kaleidoscope of sparkling lights. The Maven sits on a low ledge over the water and dips her feet in, Megilwath sits down beside her and the two converse about the falls, Megilwath’s past, and the underdark. The Maven slides closer to the dark elf and rests her head on his shoulder. They share a short kiss before they are interrupted by the sound of clapping. Three men have entered the cavern, Megilwath recognizes the leading man as Harwin. One of the men they rescued from the slave pits of the Horned Hold. Harwin makes a cynical remark about the two lovebirds and Megilwath hops to his feet. In seemingly strange behavior, the ex-slave threatens to kill the two elves. When Megilwath questions his motives, Harwin morphs into a pasty skinned, white haired creature with sunken dark eyes…a doppleganger. The same doppleganger that was struck by the drow’s dagger in the Horned Hold. He must have taken the form of the merchant Harwin to escape the Hold alive! The doppleganger reveals that he was working as a spy for the Grimmerzhul.

Megilwath and The Maven both draw their weapons and Harwin and his two lackey’s charge in. With decisive movement, Megilwath jumps the flowing water to bear down on Harwin and begins slicing with his daggers. The Maven stays back to support him with notes of dischord. Harwin goes invisible and the two elves turn their attention on the other two men. Working together, they manage to take them both out without much trouble. Harwin reappears to resume his attack, but is overpowered by the two’s coordination and falls to the ground in a bloody heap. Megilwath searches the body of the shape shifter, to find an Enshrouding Candle.

The two elves return to their ledge within the waterfall cave and quickly forget the rude intrusion to resume where they left off with a passionate kiss. They embrace each other and become another entwining colorful ripple in the reflection of the falls.

Surina’s Challenge

Mentathenis and Krushi knock on Surina’s door and can hear a banging noise accompanied by an annoyed voice behind the door. It is opened by a human woman with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes, who introduces herself as Surina. She invites the eladrin and halfling in to sit on the floor while she showers them in her extraordinary magical prowess and gnoll killing exploits. She also listens intently to the two’s false praise of her amazing abilities, and their pleas for the location of the entrance to the Well of Demons. Surina ponders their request and decides that in order for her to give them the information they seek, they must defeat her in a magical truel. After some hesitation, and Surina’s goading, Mentathenis and Krushi accept.

Mentathenis and Krushi stand together and Surina stands on the opposite side of her small carved out domicile. She warns them both to not go easy on her as she is a fiery force to be reckoned with and will not hold back herself. They immediately begin casting a flurry of spells at each other in explosive bursts of hellfire, lightning and arcane. Some casts find purchase on their target and others fly into rocky walls and destroy Surina’s furniture. The warlock focuses her efforts on taking down Mentathenis and after a few well placed casts, she succeeds in knocking him unconscious. Krushi continues to rip into Surina with streaks of white hot lightning and thunderous damage, finally subduing the warlock and winning the truel. Krushi wakes Mentathenis and they both wake Surina. While the warlock woman is upset that she was defeated, the two magic users have proven themselves worthy of becoming her agents of gnoll slaying, and offers them each a badge and the directions to the entrance of the Well of Demons so that they may kill in her name. She asks them to wait where they are while she pushes her bed aside and lifts up a loose tile in the floor to reveal a ladder into a secret passage. She descends the ladder and twenty minutes later she returns with two more gifts for her agents. A Fan of the Four Winds for Krushi and an Obsidian Steed Figurine for Mentathenis. She then bids them goodbye, pushes them both out her door, and wishes them success in the murder of gnolls everywhere.

Ogre Affection

Aces readies her flaming maul and Brugg pulls out his giant club as Modreg, Rendil, Terrlen and others from the inn come outside to watch the demonstration. Aces starts the session by showing Brugg a combat stance and graceful swing of her maul. Her weapon strikes the ogre in the belly. He attempts to mimic her move by swinging his club wildly and uncontrolled to whack the mul in her side. She spins around and swings again, but narrowly misses, Brugg doesn’t spin but launches another sloppy swing of his club. The large bronze skinned woman locks the ogre in place with a psionic attack and explains to him the importance of gaining the favor of the crowd, who are now cheering wildly. Then she turns and hops up on a bench to gain a running start, and charges the ogre. At the end of the bench, she leaps into the air, maul slicing in a downward arc and smashes into Brugg’s head. The ogre praises Aces on her showmanship and attacks, along with a host of other compliments as he once again swings his club back and forth, managing to hit her once. Aces swings her maul again and slams into the ogre’s gut, he doubles over in pain and happiness. When he regains his breath, he thanks Aces for her training and offers her a small token of his love and respect. A Vagabond’s Die. The two help each other back into the inn and the crowd follows.

When everyone gets back to the Halfmoon Inn they all sit around the largest table and share their stories of the night. Krushi and Mentathenis let their friends know that they have the directions to three entrances of the Well of Demons. The party is briefly interrupted when a kobold panhandler named Charrak enters the inn and approaches the adventurers with a message he was paid to deliver to them. The message is written by someone who is in league with the duergar but requests the heroes help in finding a way out of the organization. The message gives directions to a location within the labyrinth not far from the Hall to meet in secret.

Megilwath chases down Charrak as he leaves the inn to ask him about the one who delivered the message, of which Charrak has little information other than he was a cloaked figure. The drow pays the kobold 5 silver to deliver a message back to the mysterious man to let him know they will meet in the morning.

The adventurers drink into the night until Erra closes the bar. They all head upstairs for a good night’s rest and leave on the morrow for the secret meeting.



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