Realm Runners

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Terrlen Darkseeker and The Horned Hold

After realizing that the map the Duergar scribbled for them would not be of much help, and promising The Maven that they would all do their best to not torture anyone else in the future, they all decide to head back to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Once back within the Hall, they head to the Halfmoon Inn for a few drinks and to check in with Rendil for any information on getting to the Horned Hold. Rendil informs Megilwath that he does not know the location of the Hold personally, but he recommends that they hire a man named Terrlen Darkseeker to act a their guide. Aces notices the ogre Brugg sitting alone and grumbling to himself and decides to approach him with offerings of ale and gladiatorial stories. The Maven sits herself upon a stool and begins to play a few songs for the patrons of the tavern. Mentathenis, Megilwath and Krushi find Terrlen in the corner of the Halfmoon with his hat pulled over his brow and his feet up on his table, asleep. Mentathenis makes an attempt to wake the man by using ghost sound, to no avail. Krushi decides to order herself and the sleeping man a shot and as soon as it’s placed under his nose, he wakes, and is more than happy to have Krushi’s company over a drink.

After Krushi talks the man into guiding the party to the Hold for 5 gold per head, half up front and half when they are returned safely, they decide to head out, but not before Rendil stops them to let them know that he just heard tell of the Grimmerzhul Duergar of the trading post buying up lot’s of foodstuffs and supplies from Dreskin the provisioner. Aces thinks that the Duergar most likely bought the supplies to care for their recently acquired batch of slaves.

The party, now 6 strong with their guide Terrlen, leave through the Dragon Door once again and head down the ledgeway into the cavernous cistern lakes. upon reaching the beds, Terrlen stops short and complains that he doesn’t feel well. Suddenly, and seemingly against his will, he transforms into a werewolf and attacks the adventurers.

Though he is a vicious adversary in his werewolf form, the team manages to subdue Terrlen without much trouble. When he falls to the ground he has no memory of what just happened. Talking things through with the man, the five discover that he may have been cursed on one of his expeditions while exploring an area of the Labyrinth known as the House of Silence. If they were able to somehow discover the cause and reverse it, Terrlen may be cured of his affliction.

Once their guide has gathered his senses, they continue on to the Horned Hold. The cave system opens into a vast cavern, and the adventurers wind their way along a twisted path around a 300 foot deep crack in the earth. Terrlen takes the time to give a short history lesson on the Hold and before long they arrive. He lets the party know that he will set up a camp in an out-of-the-way alcove while they conduct their business within the Stronghold, and await their return for the trip back.

The entrance to the Hold is protected by a metal gate and beyond it can be seen a host of Orcs keeping watch. Through some failed attempts at subterfuge, and negotiation on the party’s part, the Orcs attack the adventurers from behind they gate. After a short but bloody battle, they defeat the Orcs and Aces smashes down the gate with her hammer.

Making their way to the forge area the five encounter a few Duergar including Urwol the Master Smith and a couple more Orc lackeys. The party gets a little torn up by the evil dark dwarves, but eventually emerges victorious. They allow the remaining Orc to leave with his life when he reveals to the party where the Winterhaven slaves are being kept. The party decides to cross the bridge across the cavern to the north part of the hold, following the Orc’s directions to the slave pits.



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