Realm Runners

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Maven of Strings

Aces sits down to play cards with some of the patrons and Krushi orders up a glass of Salvana’s finest wine. Athena enters to join the others with Droggle in tow, she approaches Mentathenis to inform him that her clerical order has asked her return to Baldur’s Gate to report on what transpired with the death cult and that she will be leaving in the morning. She and Droggle say their goodbyes and head up to their rooms to rest. Megilwath still eyeing The Maven locks eyes with her and she gives him a flirtatious smirk, despite having noticed his dark skin. When she finally rests eyes upon Methathenis however, she looks positively horrified, her rhythm speeds up for a split second and then she immediately slows way down and changes to another song entirely, almost a lullaby, though now her voice clearly shaking.

After a few minutes, Megilwath and Mentathenis catch themselves feeling very sleepy and notice that indeed all the other patrons of the tavern are as well. They both start to suspect magic at work. Megilwath casually stands up to attempt to outdistance the Maven’s beautiful notes. And sure enough, once he plugs his ears, his energy begins to return to him. Mentathenis notices the Maven begin to squirm in her stool, her face full of fear and desperation. She stops playing in the middle of her song and bolts out the side door of the tavern.

Megilwath and Mentathenis head after her, and Krushi and Aces follow suit. Behind Wrafton’s, Megilwath concludes that the only way she could have gone and disappeared so fast is into the sewers. They all head down the ladder and drop into the sewer. A scream from the Maven comes echoing from somewhere up ahead. The party is attacked by a group of Dire rats that were roused by the young elf woman running through. Aces, Krushi, and Mentathenis try to take control of them, and Megilwath attempts to catch up to the girl, He runs down the corridor and turns another corner, still not seeing her. A group of snakes pours out of a pipe to Megilwath’s right. He is bitten by one and drops a Cloud of Darkness on top of them to make a retreat to the rest of his friends and help with the rats. The snakes are drawn by another scream from the Maven and slither away.

After a tough fight and being badly shredded by the rats, the party finally defeats them and decides to head out of the sewers until they can get a rest. Before turning in for the night Krushi alerts the town guard of the troubles in the sewers and they let her know that they will investigate it. They then head back into Wrafton’s to rest.

The next morning Valthrun knocks on their door and reveals all that he was able to dig up on the Thunder Peaks and it’s Labyrinth. Then one of the town guard arrives and let’s the adventurers know that one of their men has gone missing into the sewers during his investigation. The party heads to the guard house to speak with the head guardsman about their failings in protecting the town and handling it’s threats.

After berating the town guard for a while and pushing for payment in exchange for taking care of the sewer problem, the guardsman heads to the temple to beg for help from Sister Linora, who returns with two Potions of Healing which she offers freely and gratefully for all their help.

They had back into the sewers and immediately discover the unconscious guardsman at the bottom of the ladder. They manage to bind his snake bitten arm and escort the woozy guardsman to Salvana, who agrees to get him to the temple.

Pushing further into the sewers, they smell cooking meat and hear music being played. Around a bend, they can see the Maven of Strings, her legs tied to a chair and playing a song for a wererat who seems to be happily dancing. a few vipers are roasting on a spit over a fire in the corner. Megilwath sneaks in and attacks the wererat, sending him fleeing into the corner near a large pipe. The rat man calls for help from his minions, and the party faces down a group of Dire Rats and a Rat Swarm.

They focus their efforts on the wererat, and upon being bloodied, he orders his minions to stop attacking and begins to beg for his life. Megilwath knocks him unconscious and they all move to the bound Maven. Aces quickly snatches the Lute from her and sticks it into her Bag of Holding. After questioning her about her actions in the inn, she reveals that she thought Mentathenis to be someone else, an Eladrin named Aramil Lantherval who she was to be married to in an arrangement by her father. She fled from Silverymoon to play her music, and took on the name Maven of Strings to stay hidden. After the mistaken identity problem is overcome, they offer the Maven the chance to travel with them to play music and give them a hand in their adventures. She accepts.

They awake the wererat, who they learn is named Twitch, and did not mean harm to the Maven, he only wanted to add her to his collection of pretty and interesting trinkets and things. Mentathenis senses some magic within a pipe nearby and investigates it. It appears to be behind a wall or in another part of the sewer entirely. When they mention it to Twitch, he says he can give them magics, if they are willing to trade for trinkets. Aces offers up the wooden toy sword, the hairbrush and the child’s doll that they found in the Keegan chest within Shadowfell Keep. He agrees, and pulls aside a stone from the wall where he pulls out 15 or so swords tied to a rope. One of them happens to be a Vicious Short Sword +1.

They take the sword, warn Twitch to behave and that they will not alert the people of Winterhaven of his presence in the sewers.



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